Superstitions regarding Pregnancy explained in Yin theories

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Today the story will touch base on explanation (yin theories) on the superstitions during pregnancy. This story is dedicated to Alison Tan because it was inspired by her during her lunch treat yesterday.


There are many superstitions with regards to pregnancy but in this story, I will focus on why during pregnancy, cannot renovate house e.g. hammering a nail on the wall, move house, etc.


I am unsure if I share with you all the yin theory on why cannot announce that you are pregnant within the first 3 months. I think so… Will check… hehe.


Here it goes:


First of all, I may need to explain the yin theory with regards to the formation of a baby in a mother’s womb.


Life as per say is a Yang element. In other words, your life, my life, etc. are all yang energies i.e. we all need Yang energies to survive. For example, we need to eat food to survive and for energy – Here, the process of eating, food and energy are all Yang energies.


Of course, when we are tired, we need to rest to recuperate and feel fresh again. And we usually sleep during the night or dark. Here, darkness and night are Yin energies. In other words, our Yang energy (our body) needs to “hide” in the Yin (nighttime and darkness) so that we can (somehow) recharge our yang energies so that we can continue to fight for our survival during the day.


A person can argue what if the person does night shift. Same lah – do you sleep with your eyes open (Yang) or eyes close (Yin – Darkness).


Same logic goes to the formation of a baby during pregnancy.


In the womb, it is all darkness – i.e. Yin arena. However, in the Yin arena, there is this formation of a strong Yang energy – from a fetus to a baby. Hence, there must be a equal mixture of Yin and Yang energies together to form a Life during pregnancy.


Any inequality or imbalances of the Yin and Yang energies will definitely affect the formation of life.


Putting this Yin theory into practical use.


See ah…. During pregnancy,


(1)If you do renovation in your house (such as hammering a nail onto the wall, sticking something on the wall, etc.), that is a very Yang energy – it’s equivalent to giving a punch on ccfong’s face. As such, this will cause too much Yang energy into the balancing of Yin and Yang. Usually, this overimpact of the Yang energy into the pregnancy may cause deformities in the creation of the baby such as hole in the heart, ugly dark birth marks on the baby’s body, adversely affect the PHYSICAL heath of the baby.


(2)If you move house, let’s say now this ccfong is pregnant and currently staying in Bras Basah. My body and mind are already very used to my house at Bras Basah. However, if I am now in the midst of my pregnancy (You are responsible!!!), you asked me to move to Ang Mo Kio. Yes, you can view it as there is no unbalancing or inequality of the Yin and Yang energy. However, imagine if you now suddenly move to a new house and new room to stay, you need time to adjust to the new house so you can feel comfortable and call the new house your home. Yes this adjustment causes a SHOCK to the balance of Yin and Yang energy and as such, this may adversely affect the EMOTIONAL health of the baby. Emotional effect may include, the baby is a scary cat, if he is a man, he acts like a girl, etc.


(3)If you like sea side and feels very romantic walking along the beach, many old folks will tell you that beach got many many ghosts / spirits and will cause harm to the spirit of the baby – this superstition is valid to an extent. Under Yin theory, water (i.e. the sea) is Yin. Along the beach the current of the sea wave will flow up and down along the beach and such flows causes Yin energy to arise. And this also explains why couples find it romantic to sit along the beach and chit chat. Got time please date me to the beach okay? This is because I need a handler for my triathlon for my swim part. Well, too much Yin will cause over impact of Yin energy to the pregnancy and like that hor, the yin more than the yang in the formation of baby. As such, this will adversely affect the PSYCHOLOGICAL health of the baby. Hmmmm… I need to ask my mum if she always love to go the beach which she was pregnant (with me inside) – cos I think I have some screws not being screwed properly in my brain. Hence, the baby looks as if he/she is being processed (due to something wrong in the brain) and that’s why there is this myth of the old folks saying that the baby is being possessed by the evil spirits from the beach.


There are many superstitions on what Pregnant women can or cannot do and it is impossible for me to list them out. You just remember the fundamentals of the balancing of Yin and Yang energies during the pregnancy process and any imbalancing of it may adversely affect the Physical, Emotional and Psychological health of the baby.


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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, going to interrogate my mother if she went to the beach during her pregnancy, signing off.

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