Details on Talk 1st January 2016

Very very soon I will say that I am in this spiritual practice for 22 years….


Thus, with these 22 years, I had learnt and understooded (My standard of England) how different types of spiritual diseases work from start to end. Spiritual diseases consist of Ghost attack, different kind of black magics, monkey spirits, etc.


As such, I would like to share them with you all for knowledge purposes.


Here goes the details of the talk:


Topic: Spiritual Diseases


Time: 10.30am (Please try to sleep early on the count down night hor)


Duration: maybe 2 hours minimum cos I have many time for questions.


Venue: 94 McNair Road Singapore 328561


Fees: $100/=


Please come with an empty stomach because if topic gets too frightening, you won’t feel so discomfort with an empty stomach lunch is provided.


See you all there……


Please msg, email, call me to reserve seatings with me…


Enjoy the last few days on 2015 and I will see you all next year!!!


Am doing up my presentation slides..


See ya!!!


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