What’s behind every Success?

Today’s journal is inspired by myself when I fell onto the floor today while training and injured myself. I was training to strengthen the strength of my legs by doing a side kick with my right leg and tried to hold it in the air with my left leg supporting it. On my 4th attempt, I lost balance and down I fell.

IMG_0727 click on the left to see my falling…

First of all, Successful is very subjective and it’s definition differs in every individuals. However, one has to understand that before every success, there lies a very painful story(ies).


Yes, you see a very successful businessman. It is always so easy to say that he was lucky, his feng shui master very good, he got his way, etc. But you only see the superficial of his success. This is because you did not see his journey to becoming successful. (Not referring to those who are born with silver or golden spoons).


In every success lies a story of hardship, pain, blood and hardship. Before this successful businessman becomes successful, he had been through hell. Trust me – it is never easy for anyone to become successful. Imagine he being rejected by many clients, he being scolded by clients, having financial difficulties paying his bills, etc. It is because of his perseverance, he managed to pull through all difficulties and become successful.


Look at this photo of me flying…


Of course, it is always so easy to say that this is medical miracle, I was so lucky, my injury was not as bad, etc. Say what you want it is ok but let me show you some real stuff for training to walk…

IMG_0894 IMG_0910 IMG_0909 IMG_0788me falling and broke my wrist and went for a surgery..

IMG_8597 IMG_5868 IMG_5869me always falling and injured myself and went for a surgery…

IMG_0737Fall until my watch also cracked :(

IMG_0738The medications and plasters I depend on when pain

Hence, if you are currently struggling, it is ok. It means you are in the midst of being success. However, if you are now leaning back and complain heaven and complain earth, please date me for coffee because I am also very free one. Hehehehehehehe!!!!! Then we can lean back together and gossip together as to why others so successful while we are still like that.


So, if you are successful now, please support me ah.. hehe! And if you are struggling, it is normal and you are in the route to success unless you give up halfway.


Remember this is a Journal and the purpose of this Journal is to remind me not to give up trying to strengthen my legs and walk longer and last longer. Now that I had injured myself and am in pain, still cannot give up. And I will still carry on with Karate training to train my legs.


Giving up is always the most easiest choice!!!!! No No No… Not a choice for the Asura.


Move on man Fong Chun Cheong!!!!


Next time Date me not for Coffee. Date me for a walk in the park!!!!!! And also makan…… chit chat….. gossip……. Etc………

*************Sign off****************

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