My Yin Style of Learning

By now, many of you would have been aware that I am going to give free lessons on “Art of War – The Yin Approach”. Free in the sense like stories in, I write (teach) you read (attend) and you support as you wish.


But why?


This story is inspired by; and also written to dedicate to; a friend, Kelly, as a form of encouragement and support to her endeavors and wishing her success in all her pursuits.


Normal people (e.g. my family members) would be concerned and wander what am I doing or why am I teaching at a loss where I pay rent, spent hours preparing slides, etc. and not collecting any fees and still asking around to see who wants to attend, etc. If my neighbours get to know about this, they will just laugh at me and say I stupid. Maybe they might also think that I am doing this solely on reason of vanity.


Well, regardless of what they want to think of me, I will continue with my passion. It’s my life and my choice. If I follow and please every one of them, I will be leading a life not my own but theirs. However, I do have this unique behavior in me – that is Yin.


If you know my background and also my family background and history, you would have known of my poor command of England and unlike my elder sibling, cousin(s) and uncle, I did not have the privilege and blessings to go through any teaching courses (on how to teach) by the teaching authority here in Singapore. In other words, I am not a trained / certified teacher.


Without training, how am I possible to teach? And now that my basic foundation of my Yin Feng Shui course has come to an end and next will be more advanced stuff and do I have the teaching ability to put the knowledge across?


To be honest, I am not confident yet.


So how do I raise confidence?


Learn lor. So I need to go through some teaching courses but can’t find any. So I create my own course and style of learning.


Yin Feng Shui – not everyone knows what it is as it is very specialized.


Sun Tzu Art of War – Maybe everyone knows about this and some even have a deep knowledge in this literature and it is a must-learn basic knowledge in Yin practice.


So I took up the teaching of Sun Tzu Art of War to whoever interested.


A honest and reasonable man would view me as a teacher. However, I am a student. I am learning how to teach.


In the study of economics, there is a theory known as “there is no free lunch”. As such, I would hereby thank you for those who made an effort to come this Saturday evening and also to those who can’t make it this Saturday and wants a re-rerun (don’t know when it will happen though). Your time and effort spent to come for this lesson is also a fee to me. This is known as Opportunity Cost whereby you sacrificed your Saturday evening (e.g. spending time with loved ones) to come to this lesson for me to learn how to teach. I am an Accountant, not an Economist so I won’t elaborate further on “there is no free lunch” and the Keynesian Theory in this story.


In conclusion, I am learning to teach. And if I learn, I need to pay. There is this saying “if you don’t pay, you can’t learn” – cos if it comes free or with a profit, you won’t treasure it and as such you won’t be bother to learn. So I have to ask my Sensei a favor to lend me his place with a consideration (amount) and I spent time writing stories about this lesson, asking around personally to see if anyone interested to attend, spending time doing up slides etc. Not an easy task so I will treasure and make sure I learn well (to teach).


Remember one year ago, my sensei allowed me to teach self defence even though I was a handicapped and white belt. This was because he taught me – you will learn more by teaching. This is indeed very true and noble.


As such, when I teach, I am also learning.


While everyone is wandering and laughing at why am I doing this teaching at a loss, I am actually:


Learning to Teach; Teaching to Learn


As such, do not be disheartened on how people are going to view you. Everyone is unique and has a unique way of doing things. Follow your dreams and do what you really inspire to. Live with no regrets.


Even if only one person turns up in this coming Saturday, I will still teach with the best efforts I can to him / her.


As such, in all your endeavours and pursuits, you will always have one guaranteed support – MINE!!!


Same goes to everyone too!!!!!!


All the Best to Everyone of us!!!


Fong Chun Cheong

**********************New way of signing off*************************

No need to support as this story is written and dedicated to my friend.


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