Importance of Art of War and the details of the First Lesson

Everything you deal (see, hear, sense, do, etc.) with others – Are they real? The posts and news feeds in social media you see and read daily – Are they real?


If you trust and believe in every superficial things you deal with, then Art of War is redundant.


If you think that this world is beautiful where there is no competition around you, then you can no need to read further.


The reality is we are humans and we do have this element known as “Mentality” or “Intelligence”. Well, the fact is if you put two “Intelligence” in one space, there will definitely a competition. In other words, if you put me and you in one space (let’s say a room), we will compete – For example, snatch for food, snatch for oxygen, or even if I love you, I will try to “win” your heart over, and many more.


Now, look at the reality. Do you need to fight for survival?


If there is this element of fight, the environment surrounding you is in fact a battlefield and you are actually in a warfare.


And ALL warfare is always based on Deception, Scheming, Lies, Tricks, Frauds, etc. – ALL The Elements in Yin.


As at this point, do you see yourself as also a Yin Practitioner too?


If a Yin practitioner does not know that he himself is one Yin practitioner, how is he going to gain an advantage over others in anything, eg. work, sports, chess, football, romance, studies, etc.?


There is this famous quote in Art of War that states: “If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a thousand battles without a single loss.”


But in the theory of Yin approach – Under Sun Zi Art of War, you still don’t know you yourself is in fact a Yin practitioner, Good Luck as you will be being manipulated by others who already know themselves well enough to know you.


So is Art of War important? And should you start to understand this Famous Chinese Literature of Sun Tzu Art of War at a young age? This I leave it to you and your children.


For those who are interested to understand more about this Art in the Yin Approach or Manner, here is the details:


First Lesson is on 12th December 2015 at 94 McNair Road Singapore 328561


Timing starts at 6.30pm and may last about 2 hours like that.


Cost: Up to you to give to support (But remember that I need time to prepare slides, rent the room ah, eat T-bits ah, etc.)


What to expect from this Art of War lesson(s).


A basic introduction of Sun Tsu and then his 13 Chapters in his Art of War – mainly


1 – Factors to consider when making a plan.

2  – Waging War and consideration of how much is the cost and opportunity cost of your plan.

3 – You think Bigger group always win the smaller group ah? Focus on Attack by Stratagem.

4 – Protect yourself and things you already known – Also known as Tactical Disposition.

5 – This one a bit Feng Shui liao – Your Timing –When to strike or When to do anything.

6 – The SWOT analysis

7 – How you manoeuvr

8 – How you roti prata (ie. Changes in Tactics)

9 – The Army on the March – How you move

10 – Terrain i.e. Can Jalan or not?

11 – Different Varieties of Grounds (mainly 9 types)

12 – The Element of FIRE

13 – The Use of Spies (to play cheat or to gain advantage)


Like this lor….


To me, this was an interesting fundamental topic when my master taught me.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing my slides, signing off……


***************sign off***************


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