Activities For This December and January 1st

Dear all, Happy December and also Happy Holiday Season and Mood to everyone!!!


Got 3 presents for you all….


As promised, the lesson and talk on the Spiritual Matters and Disease will be on but will bring forward to maybe 1st January 2016. Because you see ah, many of you flying for holidays in this month and very difficult to get together in a class to start the spiritual stuff so will do it on the 1st January 2016 – the day I becoming one year wiser older. Actually, this is an excuse only lah… The real reason is I haven’t prepare my slides on the Spiritual Stuff… So is my fault lah!!! Hehehehehe….


Well, pushing around the blame using excuses and using excuses to cover another excuse is actually an Art. And I would wish to transfer this Art to you all and your Children (if any).


As such, I will be holding a talk / class maybe on this coming Saturday (12th December 2015) evening on the Topic “Sun Zi Bing Fa – The Yin Approach” (Chinese: 孙子兵法 - ‘来阴的’). Since the talker is me, you can also call the Topic “肥仔兵法” or “Ah Fat’s Art of War.


On a serious note, Sun Zi Bing Fa is essential and helpful for anything – well, others I may not know but it is confirm relevant and essential for Yin practice. Furthermore, it is useful and informative for children to understand the principles in this Art of War so they can appreciate and apply them during their growing up, in other words to let them have a competitive advantage over others. Same applies to adults too.


So, because Sun Zi Bing Fa is not a subject in Yin Practice and I am just talking about this topic, I am not charging any fees on this session. But will put my box there and like all the stories in – you can just put any amount in it to support


Children are welcome to attend too. Maybe some of you are more well-versed in this Art of War than myself. If in the class, you know I talking out of sense, don’t malu me can liao… Hehehehe!!!! And don’t expect me to cover everything about the Art of War in 2 hours :P


Let me know your interest soon so I can plan and find a place.


Okay, now back to my speciality of Yin practice.


Sunday (13th December 2015) morning – say about 11am – Let’s have a breakfast gathering and talk talk. I have seeked permission from my friend who runs a café / restaurant / makan house at 86 Robertson Quay #01-02 known as The Quay Kitchen and Bar.


We can order our breakfast (pay individually) and have our meals on a long table with me in the centre. Actually 11am should be Brunch instead of Breakfast. And I will share with you all on how is life after death – meaning to say how one feels and reacts when one passes on and slowly with this you can understand why you as a human now cannot remember your past life; and also the reason why Yin practitioners cannot perform “Venn’s Love” communication to the deceased after a period of time.


You can also treat this as a short introduction to the Spiritual Stuff class.


Let me know if you wanna come and attend all these 2 presents (talks).


In conclusion, there will be 3 presents (2 of them not chargeable ones) for you all.


One – Ah Fat’s Art of War (Based on Sun Zi Bing Fa)


Two – Breakfast (Order your own food there or pre-order first) Talk on feelings after death.


Three – 1st January Talk on Spiritual Stuff (Details to be adviced)


Will write more details about the events later once I have confirmed the place and timing and the breakfast menu.


Let me know….. Limited seats.


Happy Holiday Seasons!!!!


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing all the talk talk talks, signing off…

**********************Sign off***************************



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