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To most of the laymen, spiritual attacks and disease are merely just like another fairytale or some horror movie / story or a gossip or even a myth.


The Yang practitioners are mainly very skeptical about the spiritual matters and disassociate their practices from the spiritual matters.


Medical professionals may at times mock at the Yin practitioners that these spiritual attacks and disease are just merely a form of psychiatric problem in nature.


Well, I have been in this profession and practice dealing with spiritual attacks and disease for 21 years and still counting. Since 12 years old, I tried telling my peers on what I am doing and the reactions I got from them were: “Hey, don’t bluff man”; “As if la….”; “Sure or not?”; “What is spirit?”; and so on… So much so that until now whenever anyone or stranger ask me what is my profession, I would just brush them off by saying “Accountant”.


Many of you might have knew that one month ago, I was down with dengue fever and was hospitalized for a week. What is Dengue fever? It is a kind of viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes and causing sudden onset of fever and everywhere pain in the body.


Everybody is acceptant to this virus called Dengue fever merely because there is a form that can be touched. Yes, it is a fever and it is being caused by a mosquito. A tiny little creature can inflict so much pain and even death on a human body and no one laughs and mocks about it. How about a spirit inflicting pain on a human body? Nah, 95% of the population doesn’t quite believe.


Needless to say about the Yang practitioners – They will say they are skeptical about this spiritual aspects. Well, Yang practitioners practice based on science and no spiritual matters – I would like to post a question to them. What the hell is a Dragon? You see before? Nevermind… They always say the house maindoor is left green dragon right white tiger. Why they are not skeptical on this imaginary icon of a dragon?


Just because majority of population accept the existence of the non-existence of this imaginary icon of a dragon even they don’t see it – It is Real and scientific, thus becoming metaphysics.


And conversely because majority of population feel skeptical about the existence of spirits because they don’t see them so it is Unreal and thus it is not scientific.


Ok lor, you all win lor.


Ever wonder why science is unable to create a robot that is of a full human nature i.e. has feelings, social skills, intelligence, etc.?


Hence, in Yin practice, we normally associate this energy that is controlling our human body is known as spirit. Well, in science, there is this theory of energy that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only transfer from one place to another. So imagine one fine day when a human body is expired (i.e. dead), then where is the energy that once controlled this human body goes to? Spirit or Soul says the Yin practitioners.


Thus, logically, spiritual disease is just like Dengue fever. Both of these diseases are triggered by an external party – The cause of Dengue is being kissed by a mosquito while the other one is being either hurt by a spirit or even by an (negative) energy. Both these diseases are equally deadly and they cause a lot of pains in the body.


So what is Spiritual Disease?


First, we have to look at the nature and birth of a Spirit – Just like how we look at the nature and birth of a mosquito.


After which, how spirits can cause / inflicit hurt on humans – Just like how mosquito bite a human.


What kind of spirits is being used by Black Magicians?


And what is spiritual attack using energies?


How many types of spiritual disease?


What is a premise being infested by ghosts means?


What is and how is being possessed by spirit?


And are there cases where spiritual diseases are being brought forward from past live(s)?


How Yin practitioners treat these? – Just like how doctors treat dengue fever.


Remember Yin Feng Shui is not a faith nor a religion. However, there is restriction(s) for me to write all these explanations in details here in my blog.


As such, this topic of Spiritual Disease is a spin off classes from the usual Yin Feng Shui courses.


And hence, I will open classes (开课) on this topic explaining in details what is spirit, and go in depth into and the mechanisms on each and every kind of spiritual disease and attacks e.g. Black magic, Kenna Ghost (撞到邪), premise being infested by ghosts, past lives (e.g. 猴症), possessed by ghost, and many more.


Spiritual disease and attacks do also extend to our Chinese belief (“Pantang”) why we need to take red string in funeral wake, etc.


Questions are welcome and I will try my best to explain in details on all your questions (like I always do… hehehehe).


Remember cannot see does not equate to non-existence. Only thing is now there is no scientific equipment(s) that can detect spirits as they are in the same time and space with us but in a different form of dimension.


Yin practitioners, Black magicians, Ghostbusters, etc. – we are all in this niche profession.


Wanna know more in-depth on this know-how and knowledge in this area, please message me and your preferred timing of the classes – Probably will start in December.


As such, cost and timing of classes schedules will be updated in a later date.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing my slides on this topic, signing off….

**************Sign off*****************

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