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Good news is that I had just discharged from hospital as I am currently recovering from dengue fever. A better news is that I am going to use this Dengue fever to explain and write a story about luck.


Normally for stories, I always beat around the bushes before going straight to the point. So for this story, I am going straight to the point… Because beating around the bushes before the story gives a good warm up for me to start my writing again especially after a long time since I wrote.


So for the “See What See” Part 2, please do hold on till I feel better physically and today’s story is as per promised in the facebook group “ Stories Gossip” about LUCK.


Okay… Beating around the bushes over liao…. Let’s start.


We often hear this sayings:


One – Life

Two – Luck

Three – Feng Shui




As such, in Yin context, Life maybe a Fixed constant notion.


Let me show you.. It is now being fixed that I am not your son, your wife, etc. My life now as a Yin Geomancer is more or less fixed. However, I did have a choice – a choice to live my life as an Accountant or a Yin Fellow; Well, I chose to be a human. Before that, my life here was also a choice – by my parents.


Yes, life is full of choices, but once it is chosen, no turning back. And thus, it is being classified to be a fixed constant notion that was being fixed brought upon by an action of CHOICE.


Any questions so far?


If have, also no choice cos in life, no matter how many questions you want to ask about life, it is being fixed liao (as to date). If want to ask for future (life), one Teh Hala, Teh Tarik, etc.


Just remember in life, you choose a choice (with intent), you lead a life (of your choice) and it is fixed in nature.


Today’s topic is not so much on life but rather on what is Luck.


Let’s use my bleeding story as an example. In life, I had chosen to go to probably a graveyard to earn some monies, and because of my livelihood, a mosquito that happened to contain dengue virus beat me.


I was down with fever and headache. Normally with such illness, I would just take 2 pills and sleep at home. It was by chance that I was going to Paragon to meet some friends. And accidentally, I reached Mount Elizabeth Hospital and accidentally I went up to my Orthopedic and complain about my headache. It was as if I went to a Colon doctor to ask about my heart problem.


Then, don’t know why, the Orthopedic surgeon told me he suspected that I was having Dengue as my face showed a sign of dengue fever and immediately he summoned an infectious disease specialist to look at me. Blood test results showed Dengue positive and I straight away was admitted to the hospital for 7 days.


Luckily enough that all these happened and I suffered less than a normal dengue patient would have suffered as I found out of dengue at a very premature stage.


As such, Luck played a VERY BIG part in my dengue episode.


So what exactly is LUCK?


In Yin context, Luck is similar to By Chance and unlike Life, Luck is not being brought upon through one’s action(s).


In my earlier example, I did not choose to go paragon just to have a chance to find out the dengue.


In other words, in Life, there is a choice of intention and you acted upon it and created a life of your choice. On the other hand, in luck, there is no choice of intention and there is nothing for you to act upon it and have a good or bad luck coming your way.


Thus, in Yin context, Luck can be defined as anyhowly, without purposely, cannot predict kind of uncontrolled force that “creates” event(s) favorable or unfavorably event(s) in your life.


Hence, Luck is always secondary to Life as it affects Life and Life don’t affect Luck (that much).


Of course, that is not the end yet. Commercial time again…. Hehehehe!!!


Luck affects Life. So can we not able to control Luck to act favorably for us?


Here comes the third place – 三风水.


This is where ccfong can surface out as a Hero!!! Wakakakakaakakaka!!!! Feng Shui is something like a system “Hack” to hack the uncontrollable force to be of favorable force to you. Thus, a form of hacking is the monthly daily chart where it enhances your luck to the fullest!


And what affects feng shui? Next is education….. And this is why stories surface too and Yin classes surface too.


Forget about the last few paragraphs.


Should you have any questions on Luck, please post questions in the facebook gossip group and we can gossip about this topic there.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, taking the medications saying goodnight, signing out.

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