My Story can also be your story

Hi all!


Unexpectedly, I was hit and down with Dengue Fever and am currently hospitalized and under medications and injection. As such, I couldn’t type and write the story on See What See Part 2 as at the moment, I am still having dizzy spell and the brain can’t think properly and thus may not be able to write a complex topic on the See What See Part 2.


But I confirm I will write this Part 2 once I recover.


Today’s story is quite straight forward.


I received a request from a very good friend and she asked if she can translate and publish my stories into her country’s language so that she can spread the knowledge of the stories to the country.


Well, of course can, by all means and it is nice to inform me too. I give my blessings and encouragement to do that mainly:


The knowledge in the stories does not solely belong to me. I write stories to share my experience and knowledge to as far as I can understand in this universe.


I do not believe and attach to this sayings or assumption that this is ccfong’s story or ccfong way of feng shui or ccfong’s theory. Unlike many commercial feng shui society, there is ABC’s way of Purple Star Astrology, DEF’s way of Bazhi, GHI’s way of Qi Men Dun Jia, JKL’s way of Yi Jing, etc.


Feng Shui is Feng Shui – be it Yin or Yang. You learn it your way and you may have your own way of practice. Detachment is very important in this Feng Shui or Spiritual practice. The more you attach to it, failure will come straight to you very soon.


Knowledge is for everybody. In other words, Mathematics such as multiplication, Addition, Subtraction, etc. is common for everybody. There is no such thing as ccfong’s way of Mathematics because I do not create Mathematics and if I teach Mathematics, it sounds quite stupid to call it ccfong’s way of Mathematics because Mathematics do not solely belong to me.


Likewise for the stories and Yin theories, they do not belong solely to me. And I write these stories and share them with you and once you understand what I am trying to talk about, then the knowledge become yours.


As such, by asking permission from me to translate my stories into your language and publish them so more people can understand these Yin theories, I am very very happy and honoured that you appreciate my stories.


Once you ask permission from me, I will give you my blessings and permission for you all to do so. You can either publish them as your own stories or acknowledge the stories from – I do not mind.


What is important and essential that these knowledge can be spread and reach out to as much people as possible.


As for the facebook Group “ Stories Gossip”, please do feel free to add your friends in the group so that we can gossip on the story and also give me inspiration to write more stories too.


Today’s story will be short and sweet as I had just taken a sleeping pill and also a Pethidine injection and I need to rest. Dengue fever is no fun. Pain all over the body. Very painful.


Hence, if you ask permission to share my stories, you always have my blessings and approval.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, cannot think so straight now and going to collapse anytime, signing off.

**********************Sign off*********************



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