See What See Part 1

As promised in my Facebook Group gossip, I will write what we see – the future and the past. I think for the future I had said before but I old already so I repeat again. Just read it to refresh memory ba.


Let me refer to my artistic drawing below:


Normally, we have such experience – We go to a new place and experience new things but somehow we seem to have been to this said new and had the same experience but we just cannot recall when and it is so true that this new place we are first time here.


2 explanations to this common experience.


Because I recalled I have typed this before so I will go through this part 1 very quickly and briefly.


Wait a minute… Did I type this theory or story before? Well, it seems like I had typed this story at this hour of time and eating supper at the meantime and thinking of you and………….


Here it goes…… From the artistic drawing above, we are currently at point A on 5th October 2015. Somehow or another (can be through sixth sense through dreams, imagination, etc.) see or sense things happening in point B say 1st January 2016.


And you sensed and see it is ccfong’s birthday and you buy him lots of presents and gifts and partying with him, etc.


Ultimately the day 1st January 2016 comes and you indeed go and buy presents to ccfong and celebrate with him in say Sentosa. And somehow you feel that you had already done this partying with him similarly in the past but just forgotten when you have done it. In fact, you had “done” this on 5th October 2015…..


VERY BIG HINT that my birthday is coming ah……….. Wakakakakakaka!!!!!


2 theories to this experience


First Theory is Sixth Sense


It is somehow you had sensed what had happened on the 1st Jan 2016 (hereby known as the “future”) at this particular point in time. It can be your brain frequency or amplitude or wave or whatever that had slipped into a “Zen” stage and able to (sixth) sense the scenario with regards to the future. Normally this sixth sense is being picked up by one of our five normal senses to interpret the what the sixth sense had sensed.


However, because we are not trained in “Zen” method, we normally treat this sense similarly like a dream – In other words, you sensed it and then you forget about it. And when you reached the future, then you somehow recall that you had actually been to the place and done similar things before.


Yes, somewhere in me tells me that I had written this story before so I do not want to go further into this theory of sixth sense – If not, you all will fall asleep and sixth sensed me……..


Second theory to this experience is psychology.


Well, future is not fixed. Meaning to say that you cannot predict the future as things will change due to many factors. It is like no one is able to predict what you are going to do after reading this story. In this theory, sixth sense does not apply here.


We do have subconscious mind that we might be unable to control it. As such, subconsciously you might have known 1st January is my birthday (Well, now you know) and even though consciously you do not bother about it, your subconscious might be playing games.


Subconsciously, you are planning to celebrate and party with me in the future. So you are actually planning without you knowing it consciously. As such, when you reach 1st January 2016, you go party with me and hey, you seem to had undergone the same party in the same place before.


So these are the 2 theories for this experience.


Well, this is Part 1 that I do not want to focus too much in. Well, both theories are applicable in Yin theories.


What happened if you now look away from this story (your laptop, screen, tablet, phone, etc. gadgets you use to read “me”) and in front of you stands an old lady, pale green face starring at you eyes big big.


What are you really seeing???


Ghost or not Ghost?


Or are you looking at point C (refer to my drawing above)?


To be continued in part 2……………….. Complicated theory but I promise you all to write.


Part 2  I confirm never write before one in Hahahahaha!!!!!


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, telling off the Old Lady “See What See”, signing off…

*********************Sign off**************************

support for his T-bits to write Part 2 and maybe medical fees as not feeling so well.



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