A undertaker’s story

Hi all, as promisesd, I m writing a new story but this story not from me but from an undertaker.


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Okay. Administration stuff done… Here comes the story by an undertaker.


Normally as a Yin (Graveyard) FS Practitioner, visiting graveyards, columbarium, etc. (hereby known as “those places”) these places are very common. And undertakers are only a few players in the market. As such, you know, undertakers and Yin FS fellows have not much colleagues and very lonely in this (Yin) line and whenever we have cases in those places, we often meet one another like colleagues in those places.


Normally the first question we asked one another is “You today how many cases?”


Earlier this week, I visited the CCK Columbarium and met with the usual “colleague”. After the first question asked and we declared how many cases we had for the day, the next question he would always ask me is “How are your legs? Getting stronger?” Even if I meet him often, he still asks me this question.


Well, normally when we wait for our respective clients to arrive to the columbarium or when the monk / priest chants (in other words, during our free time), we will stand one side and chit chat. That day, he told me one interesting case that I would like to share the story here.


He pointed to the other block (I don’t know where he pointing) and told me that he had done a case that he considered unbelievable. To cut short, I go straight to the point…


That guy (his “client”) suddenly passed away someday few years back. The deceased had a huge dog that he loved most. During his wake, his brother told the dog that it’s owner had passed on and teased it that it would receive no food as owner had passed on.


The dog went ino depression and didn’t eat for days during the period of wake. And it was crying daily and roaming around the coffin.


During the day of cremation, the dog “miracle-ly” collapsed and passed on too.


Normally for cremation in Mandai (in the afternoon), family members can only collect the ashes on the following day. And the following day, the undertaker went with the family to collect the ashes of the deceased. They went into Room 4. And suddenly, they heard dog barking sound 3 times. Most of them heard the sound.


According to my experience in Mandai, they do not have any dogs in Mandai premises. And furthermore, they checked around the premises and obviously there aren’t any dogs around.


The family of the deceased was convinced that the sound came from the dog that had passed on and they claimed that the barking was similar to the deceased’s deceased dog.


The family requested that the ashes of the dog (urn) to be put together with the deceased ashes (urn) – side by side. Of course, it is illegal to do that. However, one way to do that is to secretly place them side by side and quickly sealed the niche up so the authorities would not know. However, the undertaker advised the family and the family scattered the ashes of the dog to the sea.


What concerns the undertaker is 4D (Singapore Lottery). He guessed one man died together with dead dog so (in Hokkien), he guessed 1449. And on that weekend, 3rd prize came out 4949 and he blamed himself (until now) that why he didn’t guess 4949 cos the dead dog barked 3 times and it is a sign that its going to be third prize. Well, I itchy backside and checked the 4D history book, yup the number came out on 11 July 2004 and that meant this undertaker never tell me bluff story.


No no no! I shouldn’t be talking about 4D here. What concerns me here is whether dog’s urn can be put together with deceased urn in an niche?


Well, if the deceased has no next generations (ie. children and grandchildren), by all means put.


But if the deceased has descendants, no no no and not advisable to put together. No discrimination here but theory wise (for understanding purposes) is that in Yin Feng Shui, it means the ancestor of the descendants is a dog and thus their lives are like dog’s life instead of a human’s life. This is for illustration purposes only – no discrimination to dogs and pets and I love animals to the extent that I don’t eat them.


Thanks to the uncle (undertaker) for his story during my rest time at those places and my condolences to the deceased and the deceased dog (whoever he and it may be) and may they rest in peace.


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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, eating my T-bits and breathing in haze with courtesy from neighbouring country, signing off.

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