Emperor, Leader, You and Yin Practitioner Part 3

Today this part is the final part…..


Now that you have read about Emperor, Leader and you (leader of your own life) from the previous 2 parts of this story, it’s time to explore and gossip about the last one – Yin practitioner and where does he stand in Emperor and Leader.


This story is about Yin practitioners only. The Yang one let them write themselves. Hehehehehehehehe!!!


Emperor and Leader – You stand somewhere in between. So where does Yin practitioner stands?


Far far far away from Emperor and Leader. If nicely and carefully address Yin practitioner, we are Advisors to them. However, in other words, we are the Servants reporting to Emperor, Leader and you. Sounds happy hor? Wakakakakakakakaka!!!!


Here it goes:


A yin practitioner starts his journey from the beginning stage – i.e. “you” as described in part 2 of the story. The prerequisite to becoming a Yin practitioner is that you must be the leader of yourself with wisdom of the Yin theories (as being taught in the Yin classes) and thus this enables the Yin practitioner to advise others on how to lead. In other words, Yin practitioner will advise Emperor on ruling, Leader on leading and you on leading you.


Advise here does not mean dictate. Let’s say for advising Leaders, Yin practitioners normally take a third party view on situation and come out with different set of strategies and advise them accordingly. They do not dictate the leaders to follow the advice neither they expect the leaders to follow or even listen to their advise. In conclusion, Yin practitioners assist you to take charge.


Other than being a mouthpiece for advise(s), Yin practitioners are also your punching bag. When the Yin guy gives wrong advise or you feel the advise cannot work out, you no need to go karate dojo and furthermore I am fat – Nice to hug, Good to punch… Like a punching bag à if you hit it forward, it will come back to you. So the more you hump dump the Yin Guy, the Yin Guy will come back to you. In other words, the more you push him, the more he comes to you…. Anyway, feel free to try it (at your own risk)…


Well, punching bag means you, leaders and emperors can poke poke Yin practitioners and Yin practitioners will give you more ways and advices.


As such, Yin practitioners must be well versed with every elements and most importantly the “instruction manuals” of how this universe works (those that I teach in Yin classes). This is important so that Yin practitioners can give advise on any and every unique matters of any kind.


Just a reminder. Yin practitioners are only merely advisors – meaning to say they don’t make decisions for you, leaders and emperors but helps you all to make your own decisions. For example, the daily monthly chart is not to dictate or let you decide what colour to wear, how to behave, etc., it is acting as a “tool” to make your day luck favorable to you so that you can lead and take charge of yourself in a smooth and success manner. Well, for the Charts, I will first watsapp or email you first and (in Singapore only) I will meet you all individually to overall give a guide on how is your luck generally for the month. As such, you may have to see me or I will appear in front of you every month….


Sounds like it may be a good idea to write Part 4 of this story – What happens if Yin Practitioners are a Leader, Emperor or You. Hmmm… Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Buy me more T-bits  first… Hehehehehehehehe


And also, you can notice that normally Yin practitioners do not make any comments or draw charts on any Political Parties as they never know who will hire the Yin practitioners as their advisors.


One Final Thing about Yin practitioners. For those who had attended for my last session, I stopped at Fear leading to Doubt and thus leading to Faith and Yin practitioners advise and tackle on fear rather than Faith.


As such, Yin practitioner is not and does not want to be a Spiritual Leader. Faith can be defined as confidence or trust in a belief that is not based on proof. Thus, in Yin classes or if you learn from any Yin practitioner, he or she will not teach you any life reading methods but instead the philosophies or instruction manuals on how life so that you can understand a person’s past, present and future.


Some Yang practitioners often criticize that Yin practitioners are spiritual as they conduct Graveyard readings, coffins, communication with the decease, etc. and thus claiming that we act as Spiritual Leader.


Yin practitioners’ argument: See ah. We do not lead others into our encounters with any God(s) and also any methods and also with our fame.


In other words, we do not relate our Yin stuff with Tai Sui, Tai Yin, Zhu Ge Liang, Sima Yi, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, CCFONG (Wakakakaka), etc. and also any life reading methods such as Bazhi, Purple Star, Qi Men, etc. Furthermore, we address ourselves as practitioners instead of World Class, Number One, Grand or not Grand, etc. As such, if Yang practitioners say Yin practitioners as Spiritual Leaders, then can the Yin practitioners say Yang practitioners as God?


Yin practices are formless. And Leader, Emperor and You are Forms. So both Form and Formless can work pretty and handsome well together. Just like Mahjong – 包到完…


In conclusion, where does Yin practitioners stand?


A Punching Bag…….


Please sayang (love in Malay language) it and don’t punch so hard hor.


Still thinking if Part 4 would be interesting or not. What if Yin practitioner is a Leader, Emperor and You…. Hmmmm…… What say you? (In Singlish “What say you?” is equivalent to English “What is your opinion?”) Like this, you become the advisor and Yin practitioner becomes you.


Please stay tuned for more stories. If long long time no story come out, please feel free to hump dump me ah…..


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, trying to hang myself (like a punching bag), signing off.

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