Emperor, Leader, You and Yin Practitioner Part 2

Thanks for reading Part 1 of the story… As promised, I will write part 2…


From the Part 1  – The prior story before this, we understand the difference between Emperor and Leader.


So in today’s story, where do you and me as a Yin practitioner stands?


Let’s talk about you first.


You are the Leader of your own life.


Like in the Daily Luck Chart I do for you all, you take charge of a group that consists of your own luck, career, attitude, behavior, laziness (like me), excuses, etc. and this group molds your life.


Life doesn’t change much but the elements in life changes rapidly. You never know what will happen to yourself the next moment. Very simple example, I was doing very well in year 2008 and next moment, I had a road traffic accident that turned my life upside down.


Take my case for example – Either I take control and lead my life to what I want to be or my life (and the elements of it) leads me to live a life that I do not want. In other words, it is either you lead yourself or yourself lead you. Sounds interesting because my level of English is not that good. So I take lead n control of my weakness in English and write this story rather than my weakness in English leads me in not writing this story.


Like in the previous story (Part 1), I wrote about Bruce Lee and his theory of water. In life, you have to take lead and must able to mold into different values, cultures, etc. In other words, you may need to take on a different character for different circumstances. For example, the way you treat your spouse must be different from treating your mother in law. As such, you need to mold into different personalities from time to time. Quite tiring… hehehe!


As such, you are deemed to be a leader of yourself – controlling the elements, factors, etc. around your life. Hence, take good control, treasure your life and take charge.


However, there is a difference between you as a leader for yourself vs. the team leader. The difference is the Higher Authority.


Team leader (as in part 1) has a higher authority e.g. an Emperor to report to and bear all negative feedbacks and so on as per written in Part 1.


Good news here is that as a leader of your own life, there is no “higher authority” e.g. an Emperor or someone physical. In this story, no involvement of religion definition of higher authority and higher authority in this story means someone physical who you can slap, kick, punch and kiss.


Hence, you can take charge and lead your life as an Emperor yourself and no one has a right over your life. Good news is that you don’t owe anyone a living but a bad news is that you cannot blame others for anything unfavorable.


As such, between a leader and an Emperor, you stand in between. You lead your life where you report to yourself. Take charge and take control.


Well, today’s story is about you and please do not use this story as a basis mischievously to treat others (especially higher authorities, “emperor”, “empress”, etc.) with sudden change ah.


This is because you have lead your life so far till date and now you have molded yourself in the manner. If you are happy with the life you are in, well done as you had taken charge of your life well as a in between leader and emperor. If you are not so happy, it may mean that now your life has taken control of you.


No matter how it is, you still can change for the better by taking lead again! Wow!!! How come this story sounds like those multi-level marketing (of products) where they will motivate themselves by telling themselves that they can.


And this story shall lead to Part 3….. Then where does Yin practitioner stands? Leader, Emperor or other things? And whether by understanding where Yin practitioner stands, does it encourage you to take lead of your life? To find out more, please stay tuned for Part 3 of this story……


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, saying Goodnight and writing down pointers for Yin practitioners’ standings, signing off…

*******************Sign off*********************


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