Emperor, Leader, You and Yin Practitioner Part 1

Dear all, apologies for my late upload of stories because of the same old excuses as per last time and this round one more new extra excuse – busy with doing the individual luck chart(s). Today story is inspired by a communication with one of my respected friend who is a leader in his expertise.


Today’s story will be touching on Emperor, Leader and then Yin practitioners.


Let’s talk about Leaders.


A leader is someone who takes charge (or lead) and commands a selected group, association, etc.


Because you have the responsibility for your team as a leader, you have to be flexible and adaptable to different types of situation and act fast in responding to different situations and changes.


Furthermore, a leader must be like water. Like Bruce Lee once said “be like water” – if you put water in the cup, it becomes the cup and if you put water in the teapot, it becomes a teapot. As such, a leader may need to be able to mold into different values, cultures, etc. For example, if a leader is aggressive and have a team member who cannot take aggressiveness and negative comments, the leader has to change his attitude and approach towards this team member.


A leader must also places team interests (and problems) above self. Everyone of us do have our own set of problems to solve but normally the leader will put his personal problems aside if he needs to deal with the problems arising in the team.


And many more about leaders and leadership qualities that you can find in other books, etc.


What is crucial here is that Leaders have to report to the higher authority and often a times Leaders have to bear all negative feedbacks and bombardments from the higher authority. Because leaders want to keep the team’s spirit high, some leaders do not share these bombardments to the team members. As such, leaders have to “suffer in silence” at times. Furthermore, leaders may also have to listen to the negativity feedbacks, bombardments, etc. from the team members too.


These as being a leader is very unlike of an Emperor.


I mean likewise as a leader, the Emperor must also have the characteristics of a good leader.


However, an Emperor needs not to listen to any negative feedbacks from any higher authorities or team members. Emperor could just place an order to his man and demand actions to be done with accordance to what he wants. Well, if you try to do this as a Leader, I think the next day you will have no more team members. Hehehehehe….


As such, the difference between a leader and an emperor may be the “listening” part and the bearing of all negative feedbacks.


Let me show you an example (No discrimination here – it’s only for illustration purposes)…. We watch movies and oftentimes we watch those family movies that consists of 3 persons – The Mother-in-Law (The Wife’s mother), The Wife and The Husband. I think you can roughly understand what I trying to say…


In movies, normally it is being acted like as if The Mother-in-Law is the dictator in the family and gives orders here and there and everywhere. She needs not work and just sit back and scolds here and there and everywhere. And then comes The Wife. The Wife takes instructions for her mother and then instructs the husband to carry out the orders.


In this scenario, it is as if the Mother-In-Law is the empress ruling over an empire (the family) and the Wife is the leader of the team consisting of her husband and others, if any. Here, the Mother-In-Law needs not care of any negative bombardments from anyone. However, the burden lies on the Wife – the Leader. If she manages well, her marriage with the husband is good and if she does not manage it well, very fast game over one.


So this is the difference between an Emperor and a Leader.


I mean for the movie example, I am not sure if real life is like that one or not because I am still single and does not have a mother-in-law for sure so I cannot personally confirmed this example. This example is being inspired by all those movies on family matters.


Remember ah, the example is only for illustration purposes only ah – just to show that Emperor and Leader still exists everywhere in different forms. Should this example causes any discrimination or upsets to you, I sincerely apologise and if not enough, we meet outside and you buy me coffee lor….


Please feel free to think of an example for yourself e.g. your boss and your bosses’ boss, etc.


This Part 1 of the Emperor and Leader story only prepares us for our Part 2 – Where does you and me (Yin practitioners) stand in this Emperor and Leader. Part 2 more important while Part 1 is only an introduction.


You see ah… now the time is 2am and this gives me an excuse to break this story into 2 parts and I will proceed to continue writing tomorrow!!!!!


Anyway, have a blessed Mid-Autumn Festival and wishes you all non stop prosperity and also non stop stories from ccfong.com…..


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong saying Goodnight and tomorrow Part 2 coming, signing off.

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