Instructions on how to use the Daily Chart

Hi all, apologies for my late explanation and also due to certain circumstances I am unable to meet you to explain to you on how to use the chart. Here it goes:


The Purpose of the Chart


As explained earlier in the previous story, Daily Chart is a personal Feng Shui. For house and office’s Feng Shui, the purpose is to maximize the place good energy such that person residing in the premises can enjoy the good fortune. As for this Personal Daily Chart, this is to enhance your personal capacity so that you can absorb as much good fortune as possible in the day.


Let’s say for example for the day you can take in 2,000 watts (the unit watts is just for illustration only) of good luck energy. Without personal fengshui (i.e. Daily Chart), you may maximum take in 1,200 watts and thus 800 watts will go to waste as this remaining will not be carried forward to next day, week, year, life, etc. Thus, with this daily chart, you can be able to take in the maximum good luck energy in the day to enjoy prosperity, growth, harmony, good luck, etc.


How to Use it?


There are 5 sections in the daily chart namely Luck, Colours, Numbers, Elements and Direction.




This is to tell you whether your luck for the day is Good or not. There is this “Risky” in the luck and it means that your luck either can be very good or very bad – either of the 2 extremes. If luck is good, daily chart will help to enhance your luck even better and if luck is bad, it will help to avoid any mishaps or unlucky stuff from happeing.




This is the colour you can wear or coloured items you can put on your wealth corner or in office, you can put items on the top right of your desk. Colours represent the favorable colour to attract good luck energy.




In numerology, numbers also can be used to attract energy. Let’s say today my lucky number is 2, 5. I can put either 2 or 5 gold coins on my wealth corner or top right of the desk. I can even also eat 2 or 5 plates of curry noodles (This one confirm become fat).




This one a bit tricky but I will explain it here slowly. This elements may mean the character you can put on for the day to “win over” something such as a meeting, negotiation, close a deal. Here is how the element describes the character:

Wood – Logical, Technical, and more convincing kind of character. In other words, you are like a teacher like that.

Metal – Sharp, Fast decision making, focus on presentation (superficial value) kind of character. In other words, yes means yes; no means no.

Water – Flexible, “Confusing” kind of character i.e. if you can’t convince that someone, then confuse him. In other words, yes can be maybe no and yes.

Earth – Down to earth and with basis kind of character.

Fire – Some kind of fierce character, in other words, “commanding” kind of character. Example, I say yes means yes, I don’t care how you do it, I just want a yes.




This is where your good luck direction comes from.

0 and 360 degree is North

90 degree is East

180 degree is South

270 degree is West


Let’s say for example my degree for the day is 180 degree, I can use a compass to measure where is my 180 degree on the top right of my desk or my wealth corner and put a pixiu or bull or anything so that the pixiu faces that direction and this is where you can attract all the luck from.


Hope this explains on the usage of the Daily Chart.


Any questions, please contact me again.


Please let me know if you want to have October Luck Chart to be done for yourself cos I need time to do up the Chart.


The Monthly Daily Chart is chargeable at S$88 per month, but for the month of October, it is going at S$78/=.


Let me know.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing to do up the luck chart for himself, signing off.

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