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Happy September everybody! There will be 2 upcoming events coming up this early September. One is an upcoming 3rd lesson on Yin FS – The Theory of Fear and Two is a personal Daily Fortune and Luck Chart for a month.


1) Theory of Fear


Have you feared before? Well, this question is redundant.

What do you fear? Why you fear?

As a Yin practitioner, if someone with fear approach you with a decision to be made, how are you going to handle this? Will the fear be transferred to you from that someone? Fear that your advice might lead that someone to nowhere?


Now that you have learned about Nothing and Seeing Through Nothing, the next element you need to apprehend is the nature on Fear. From nothing to something, does Fear plays a major part? For example, have you been through a stage whereby you feared loneliness and decided whether to get married or not? And does fear comes first and then love or vice versa?


Well, after understanding and appreciating the nature of fear, you will get to understand on how to see through fear (that will be 4th lesson).


Does understanding fear and see through fear important for a Yin practitioner? Well, it is important to everybody on earth under the sun and moon. My PTSD (Post Trauma Stress Disorder) also arises out of fear and one must have the strength and courage to move out from fear. However, this is needed with a basic understanding on fear. And out of fear, I defied Doctors’ opinions that I could not walk again for my rest of my life.


Don’t talk about me and my fear.


Ask yourself this question – Has Fear ever paralysed you? In order words, because of your fear, you were stuck and didn’t move any step forward? Well, as the topic of today’s story is Live your life to the Fullest, so it is necessary to handle your fear so as to live your life to the fullest without any negativity holding you back.


The details of the lesson are as follow:


Chinese lesson: 5th Sept Saturday evening at 6.30pm

English lesson: 6th Sept Sunday morning at 10am


Venue: 94 McNair Road

Duration: Estimated 2 hours

Price: S$88/=

Please message or email me if you are interested.


2) Personal Daily Fortune and Luck Chart for a month


Another way to live your life to the fullest is maximize your luck to the fullest and always be in your best potential to achieve goals and wants in your life.


And you need to also know your daily luck cycle and if luck is good, how you going to maximize your luck for the day and if luck is not too good, how you going to maximize your luck again to avoid unnecessary things from happening to you.


Below is a sample of a Daily Fortune and Luck Chart.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.02.46 pm

It consists of 5 elements: Luck, Colour, Numbers, Element and Direction.


Luck – It describes your luck for the day. If luck is “risky”, meaning that day, try not to do any risky stuff like singing contracts, but can do safe things like attending ccfong’s lessons and reading ccfong stories.


Colour – Colours to be used to maximize your luck e.g. colour of shirt to wear, etc.


Numbers – Numerology that is good for the day. E.g. if number is 2, you can maybe put 2 gold ingots in your wealth bowl so as to welcome good luck energy to you.


Element – Which Elements good for you. E.g. Let’s say wood and water is good for you – Maybe you can drink more water or eat more vege or you can come close to me (as I am a Wood and Water element person), etc.


Direction – This is the direction where your luck comes from. Look at the picture as below.


Let’s say for the day good direction is 68 degree. I will put a small Pixiu and point its mouth to the 68 degree direction (North East) so as to absorb as much lucky energy as possible for the day.


With this chart, well, enjoy fullest luck and live your live to the maximum daily.


In other words, everyone of us has a maximum luck level daily. Let’s say today my luck level is 88% but I only utilize 60%. Well, the 28% unused luck will not be carried forward to the future and it is wasted. So no use white no use – 不用白不用 – meaning don’t waste the luck.


For trial, this month Luck Chart will be going at $50 for this month for individual. What I need is your date of birth and name. For the first month, I will come and pass you the chart personally and explain further on how to use the chart.


If interested, please message me asap as I need time to prepare the chart and also to pass to you.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing to prepare to prepare my slides, signing off..

****************Sign off********************


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