Does no self equates Everything?

Another questions from a person are (1) Does no self equates everything?  And (2) about accepting everything by not differentiating myself from everything? And (3) why not ok for “I am you and you are me”?


Will try to address all these 3 questions in this story. May be a little bit chim for you all but just try to apprehend. Will discuss this further in class.


First of all, Lord Mara is not a third party – He is the “Devil” (心魔) of Lord Buddha then. Some narrations say that Lord Mara is the king of the Asuras but whether he is a 3rd party or not, in Yin theory we don’t really bother but we assume that he is the Architect of Lord Buddha then. Architect here may equate to the (devil) mind of Buddha then.


Remember in the class of “Seeing Through Nothing” – I shared with you all the 4 types of clinging where 2 of them being Opinion of a separate permanent self and the Feelings, opinions and Ideas around us that narrates our live(s).


In the beginning stage (in the path of 无量), it is ok to practice “I am you and you are me” as to be in line to ‘somehow’ practice the curbing of the abovementioned 2 types of clinging.


And if “you are me and I am you or I am you and you are me”, you need not accept everything by not differentiating myself from everything because you are everything. You = 无量 = very BIG = Everywhere = Everything. Meaning to say you are here, there and everywhere.


However, this is only a process stage. You = everything is a time or process where you learn things or “instruction manuals” of this universe.


And then at this stage, you are everything is the BIGGEST Clinging of all!!!! You see – I am you and you are me and this means there is still an Opinion or Dogma of a separate, permanent self whereby in this stage my self is BIGGER than the beginning me (before “I am you and you are me”).


Remember in the beginning stage in the first class, I explained that everything in Yin practice will fall back on the basic theory of Nothing. Now that you are Everything (somemore now very BIG), you are no longer related to or fall back to the basic of Nothing.


You are now Everything (not differentiate yourself from everything) and You are me and I am you – So what? This is the stage of a Bigger separate and permanent self – the stage of Lord Mara.


With this, I do hope that you can somehow understand why Lord Mara says “I am you and you are me”. A stage of 无量 – Don’t worry, we will come to understand this 无量 theory in due time.


Then with this BIG clinging to this Dogma of a separate, permanent Self, it is time to let go and be detached to this BIG attachment.


So if “I” do not exist, then how in the world can your this theory / assertion of “You are me and I am you” ever exist.


Fall back to the very basic on the theory of Nothing.


Back to your very first question now. Does no self equates Everything?


Well, no self is in line with the theory of Nothing and Nothing exists everywhere and in everything. 色即是空,空即是色…


Not to worry my dear Yin practitioners (to-be), I, everything, no “I”, nothing, etc. will assist you to understand this theory in due course.


At this moment, it is “I” that will guide you along first… Slowly will be something then everything and then you and then you are everything and then nothing will take over from “I”.


Hope this story helps you to further apprehend a bit more.


And next meal and coffee on you… Don’t be mischievous by saying based on the theory “I am you and you are me”, you by eating your meal and drinking your coffee equates to I eating my meal and drinking my coffee.


NOT COUNTED!!!!! Wakakakakakakakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, waiting for your call for my meal and coffee, signing off…

*********Go, Going, Gone************

************Signing off**************



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