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So far in the Yin FS class, there are comments and questions with regards to the theory of “No Self” alongside with the theory of Nothing.


Let me refresh your memory again.


The No Self theory was brought about during the story of Lord Buddha vs Lord Mara in the 3rd challenge. Apologies that I could not write the details as it will touch on some religion stuff.


In class, I further explain this theory, you can say that I am here and can also say that I am not here too. It looks like this concept is still being unclear. And hence I decided to write a further explanation on this theory.


Here it goes….


Where is me RIGHT NOW?


I am not beside you….. Really, I am not beside you or around you or behind you or infront of you or anywhere around you.. RIGHT NOW I am really really not around you…..


But in fact, I am now IN FRONT of you.




Because I am now talking to you. “I” (or my mind) am talking to you right now….


You see, you are now either facing your computer, ipad, handphone, electronic gadgets, etc. and you are reading what I am now trying to explain to you on the theory of no self.


In other words, I or my mind or whatever that is me – is now “alive” in your electronic gadget talking to you (when you are reading). I am now exist in front of you. But of course if you off your electronic gadget, I will be gone. Then you take out your handphone and message you and if I reply à I again exist and become alive in your handphone while you are reading my reply. And when you put your handphone aside, I do not exist at all.


Just imagine my body is something like your electronic gadget.


Question now I will like to throw back to you – Do I really exist in my body?


Remember that you are now reading your electronic devices – that means I am now exist in your electronic gadget and not in my body. Let’s say now it is in year 2115 (instead of 2015), you are reading this article in your device, my body had already been long gone but I still exist in your device. And this “I” do not exist in a body but however this “I” exist everywhere provided you look at your device and read this article or any stories I wrote. Even when you are thinking of me, “I” exist in your mind. And it becomes like what Lord Mara told Buddha then: “I am you and you are me.” However, Lord Buddha told Lord Mara: “If ‘I’ do not exist (the theory of no self), how then can you exist?”


I hope this further explanation can assist you to better understand the basic or superficial theory of no self. However, not to worry if you still can’t understand (even at the superficial value) of this theory, slowly you will get to understand after understanding other theories in the Yin practice.


And this also explains the mechanism of Yin’s “Shadow Warrior” practice.


From nothing becomes everything and then becomes nothing again.


Same as no self…


From no self becomes many many selves and then becomes no self.


Anyway, not to worry. This is only the introduction in the Yin Feng Shui practice course – We will explore more in the future classes.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, going to disappear soon as you are finishing reading this story, signing off…

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I don’t exist liao……


Next topic(s) in the Yin class will be touching on fear and Seeing through Fear… Let me know when is your availability day(s) and I will “reappear again”…

Okay!!!! I gone liao………………………………………

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