So far in the class…..

Yin practitioners can only be practiced by someone who is born with special abilities?


No no no…. So far in class after going through some theories of nothing, you all may know that Yin practitioners are merely someone who had understood the “instruction manuals” of how this universe “works” and using Zen and Wisdom to carry out the Yin practices.


Some questions and worries I have received so far and I feel it is good to share it over here in


No names will be mentioned.


A student told me that after attending the 2 classes, there are many to learn and afraid that cannot catch up with the future next classes and felt burden. This is natural. I have advised this student to “put down” this “burden” so as to move on. Well, “if your mind is full of stuff, how can more stuff goes in?”.


Thus, in the second class of seeing through nothing, this is also a type of clinging that blurred the vision of seeing through nothing. Thus, let go and let your mind be clear and free and follow the flow in class to understand further more theories of Yin stuff.


And this is also the reason why I don’t give out notes. It is not I scare you take away my notes and start your own class, copyright issues, etc. No no no no no… I only scare you will look at the notes and try to understand deeper and deeper and gets worried.


Unlike Yang Feng Shui where you can have notes or methods to follow, Yin Feng Shui is more towards nothing. The more you unlearn, the more nothing you understand, etc., the more you will learn.


In class, I always say that I do not expect you to understand 100% of what I am trying to pass to you. Understanding just 1% is sufficient as when you start from the 1%, the rest of the 99% will come naturally to you.


Furthermore, in a more mischievous manner, if you attend 100 of my classes, then it will become 100% liao lor. Hahahaha!!! I hope it works this way too. Hahahaahhaaha!!!!!


I also shared with this student regarding my Die Ghost (死鬼) master. Before he left me (to go happy himself), he said this to me. “If you want to see me again, you need to see what I see and then you shall see me again.”


Another student asked me if I really will pass down all these trade secrets of Yin practice down. Of course! If I am able to, I hope that I can pass down everything I learnt and understood and hope you can be better than I am. There is a point in our Chinese Culture that I do not agree on. Like in Kungfu dramas, the master always teach 95% of his skills to disciple so his disciple will not supreme over himself. This only will lead to loss in skills and also instead of improvement, the skill will go backwards…


However, I explained to the class that I could not write and share this knowledge in as the theories of the Yin practice is very close to a religion (teaching) and thus it may be considered as religious and not so convenient to write in – Appreciates your understanding.


And I have a request to re-run my karma talk by a student.


Subjected to availability, I may re-run it this Saturday evening at the same place and I had bought another projector so I can screen both the karma slides and also the Yin classes slide side by side and also explain the law of karma with reference to the theory of nothing.


Treat this as a form of practical exercise. Hehehe!


Fees will be $150 for those who did not attend my karma talk and any amount (as a token) for those who have attended my karma talk the previous time – just treat it as a refresher course and also a form of practical exercise.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing my writeup for the 3rd Yin class on “Fear”, signing off.

**********************Sign off*********************


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