Yin Course 2nd Class – Seeing Through Nothing

As promised in my first class in PSB Academy and also in Karate Dojo (re-run), I will come up with my second lesson as soon as possible.


If there is any request to re-run the first class, it can be arranged again subjected to availability.


From the first class in Theory of Nothing, you all have learned Nothing from the class. Well Done!


Well, I do hope that after the first class, you have a general overview of what is Yin Feng Shui and why it is based on the Theory of Nothing and at the end of the class, I did share with you on the introduction of “No Self” – Hopefully, you all did remember. I couldn’t share this knowledge in the web as it is sensitive and I can only limited to sharing this knowledge in class verbally.


After assessment of the first class with you all, I intend to start off your Yin journey with the next topic “Seeing Through Nothing”.


Let me introduce a bit here first. There is 3 different classifications namely, science, spiritual and metaphysics. Yang practitioners mainly criticize Yin fellows and Yin practice are spiritual, superstitious, etc. and claims that Yang practice is based on science. Well, this part of Yin practice based on spiritual I do not disagree (i.e. agree). Let me give you an example.


I am diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome after being hit by a bus some seven years ago.


In (medical) science, it is known as the impact by the bus caused my spinal cord disc to protrude out and whack onto my nerves and thus causing my disability. Surgical intervention is necessarily so as to salvage my condition. After surgery, physiotherapy is needed to enhance my chances of recovery.


Well, this is science and you can say it is based on Physics.


In Yin practice or theory, it can be view as my disability may be / is caused by my karma (I had presented this topic in a talk; if you want re-run, please let me know) in the past. You need to accept the disability and change totally on how you look at things and to adapt the changed / modified manner. Future destiny is an unknown factor, just try to recover as much as possible and “Mind over Body”. In other words, one has to learn to combine mind, body and soul together to change the destiny (in this case from disability back to ability).


Well, you can say this is spiritual and you can say it is based on Wisdom and Zen (as being introduced in the first class) and understand that Destiny is indeed Nothing (this will be taught in the future).


And then in the Yang theory, my disability may be caused because (for example illustrations only) in my 12 palace, my life palace hits my health palace and thus accident happened in that year and because Metal cuts Wood in my 4 pillars, I cannot walk; and then my health palace u-turn and crashes on my wealth palace and thus surgery is performed and then because the surgery is being performed in the winter Monkey period and I am a Rooster Zodiac, I will be disabled for life and my Chinese name, 振昌, it’s like a dragon holding 2 (walking) sticks limping under 2 suns and that’s why I am in my crutches and wheelchair.


Well, Yang practitioners say this is science and as above cannot be explained scientifically by law of physics due to its limitation(s), the above method is thus known as Metaphysics. Correct me if I am wrong.


Thus, Yang practitioners claim that Metaphysics is a science closed to spirituality but it is still neither spiritual nor religion; and Metaphysics begins when physics end. Metaphysics is a philosophical study of being and knowing thus you can know your own destiny through this Metaphysics.


If you are keen and interested to know your own destiny through this metaphysics, please do continue to plot charts, fly here and there and crashes one another along the way and have fun and continue to understand the universe through the complicated terms such as Qi Sha, Wu Gui, Kwa numbers, etc.


My Yin class don’t teach all these.


If you want to understand the Yin theories (mainly spiritual) on why something is being created from nothing and then have one Self and thus Destiny is being created and how you are going to understand and control it (using theory of nothing together with Detachment, Subconscious and Conscious, etc.) and slowly understand this universe, please sign up this 2nd class with me soon…


The next lesson – Bring you more in depth in Nothing and hopefully you can learn more Nothing.


As promised in my first class that subsequent classes will not be expensive like the first, the fees will be set at $88/= for this second class.


This coming weekend is a long weekend. As many of you can make it on different days, I have set 2 days for this lesson.


It will be set on:


Friday (7th August 2015) about 1pm – Lesson in English


Monday (10th August 2015) about 10am – Lesson in Chinese


Subjected to changes and confirmation.


Venue will be at 94 McNair Road (Carpark is limited). Well, still subjected to changes and confirmation.


Please confirm with me on your interest in this lesson.


This lesson will not be as long winded as the last one. Probably will take about 1.5 to 2 hours.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing my powerpoint slides, signing off….

***************Sign off*********************


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