The dark side of the dark side

It had been months after the mishap of Phil and Tiffany had not been gotten over with this issue. You all refer back to the story on Emotions – Yin Perspective to refresh what had happened.


This story is dedicated to Tiffany and the current and future Yin practitioners and this story is based on my own interpretation and does not reflect on the general view of Yin practitioners.


One of our Yin missions is to enter into a person’s life as his / her closed one, changes his / her character or views on life and then get out of his / her life and then we get our remuneration.


What makes our mission more interesting is we boost among ourselves how we successfully accomplish our mission(s) and our mental toughness as not to fall into the “love sea”.


As such, we perceived that we have iron heart and we have the upper hand of changing other people in a Yin manner – We become shadow warrior, emotionless shadow warrior. We are invincible – no one or no matter can affect our emotions. Very ya ya papaya (Proud).


Well, karma does strike. The recent matter of Phil’s passing on had tremendously affected us. It had boomerang us back. We indeed have feelings after all.


Probably there may be (my own interpretation) a defect in this type of mission.


We were being taught that this (dark side kind of) mission is a good intention as it changes the target’s (the one we want to change) perception / views / way in life to be better and also to increase the target’s confidence level as the target gets the chance to reject us.


All win-win situations – Clients (our paymasters) happy; we are proud that we accomplished our missions; and targets changed to the better and their confidence increased.


If we view this above matter in another angle, we are all losers – BIG losers.


Take you (Tiffany) as example. Your clients engaged your service to change their son’s (your target) perceptive in life.


Yes, the intention of this dark side is good. However, the clients want to cheat their son and you are the vehicle in their cheating act. You cheated (played) his feelings and then fine tuned him and then cheated his feelings again to break relationships with you.


For those who attended my Yin Feng Shui course, the mechanism of this mission is also based on the Theory of Nothing.


Because you are an expert and highly trained in this mission, the target will not know that you have cheated him. Have you ever give a thought – What if the target knows the truth?


Results can be devastating. You cheated him nevermind because you are nothing to him. But the target will be very sad to find out that his parents cheated on him and it is a kind of betrayal feelings. This, I would call it, the dark side of the dark side.


After the passing on of Phil, you had been very badly affected. Emotions, sadness, etc. had been clouding your mind. I wished I could take up a mission (volunteer), enter into your life and change you.


There are 2 reasons that preventing me from doing so. 1) My skills are far lousier than yours and you can easily find out the truth; and 2) I do not want to cheat you.


As for other Yin practitioners, this story is my interpretation of this kind of mission. You all may disagree with me and continue to go into these missions but I do hope you give this story a second thought.


Whereas for Tiffany, I sincerely hope you seek “repent” and continue to move on in life. We make mistakes in life and also in our practice. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Make peace with your own mistake(s) and move on.


And as for me, I will not engage in such missions from now. However, as these skills are coverable in Yin theories, I will still have to teach this theory when time comes and my own interpretation will be highlighted and discussed.


As for the readers like yourself, you can just treat this story as fictional by all means or just another bedtime story. However, this story is inspired by the passing on of Phil and is written with tears, blood and sweat.


Please stay tuned for more upcoming stories. This story shall be my last time mentioning Phil and her defeat.


By the way, there will be a re-run of my last Sunday class on the Theory of Nothing in Mandarin this coming Saturday evening. More details will be coming tomorrow.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing for his standard triathlon this coming Saturday morning, signing off.

****************Sign off******************



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