Yin Feng Shui Course

IF you still regard a practitioner going to the graveyard holding a luopan (Chinese compass) and stating some feng shui terms as a Yin Feng Shui master, then you are not so correct.


IF a practitioner takes you tour around graveyards and niches and explaining to you about Yin feng shui, this is very superficial.


Does Yin feng shui deals only with the spirit, dead, coffins, niches, graveyards, etc.?


How does Yin Feng Shui relates to and plays a part in our daily life, routine, etc.?


I once posted a question in one Facebook comment in my timeline (as someone advertised his feng shui course in my timeline): “Can Feng Shui knowledge helps a practitioner to attain enlightment?” Well, no reply from him.


By understanding the philosophies of Yin Feng Shui, this question can be answered.


Form vs Formless


Form = a Yin practitioner goes round and practicing feng shui.


Formless = the philosophies of Yin practice.


I will focus more on the formless than the form. With the knowledge of Yin practice, you can look at things in a broader manner and wisdom will then sets in and all those life readings, feng shui practices, predictions, etc. will comes to you naturally.


If you think that I am going to teach and guide you on the systematic approach on how to perform Yin Feng Shui, how to do graveyard feng shui, etc., then this course is not for you.


Well, you see. Life is so complicated and full of many factors and also life is not systematic at all. So how can one use a systematic approach (e.g. plotting charts, etc.) to read or measure an unsystematic life? It is like taking a straight ruler to measure the circumstances of continuous curves. However, if you still think that systematic approach can measure an unsystematic life, this course is not for you and also congratulations to you that you have made your life so systematic and predictable. To me, no fun at all. Hehehehehehe!!!!!


As such, there is nothing to teach about Yin Feng Shui and so I will begin with the class with the most fundamentals of Yin Feng Shui – NOTHING.


Well, once again, there is NOTHING to teach you, so please come to my class and learn NOTHING. Hehehe… sounds nothing… wakakakaka but be prepared to understand nothing.


Oh. By the way, because of nothing, there comes you, handphones, electricity, charts for you to plot, so on……. practically everything.


So hor…. “There is” really “Nothing” to teach.


Still can’t get it? Ok… Let me tempt you all a bit ah….


Since there is nothing, how come we still say “there is”? So what is nothing? Really nothing or is it everything?


To explore deeper, please enroll in my class…. Wakakakakaka!!!!!


How much is the course?


Well, I check other feng shui courses – basic course from $3k for 4 sessions in 4 consecutive days, etc.


For mine, I am not going to conduct it in one course got how many sessions. I will do it session by session and the interval between each session depends on how well you can understand the previous session.


So I will go at “$1k for 4 sessions” – in other words, $250 per session of minimum 3 hours.


No handouts and notes will be given in this Yin class because I want you all to take back knowledge and wisdom (Formless) instead of notes and handouts (Form).


Anyone interested (with or without feng shui background) can attend.


Come with an open mind and class will be conducted in a friendly manner. Well, you can take me like a joker but for the knowledge that passed down to you, please do not take them as jokes hor. Hehehe. In other words, for the knowledge (formless) you take it seriously, and for me (form) you must sayang me okay and buy candies for me okay?


I was trained in this manner so I know I have to go through my Karma. So now you all know how I treated my master hor? Wakakakakakaka!!!!!! Master always tell me this: “Don’t introduce or link me to your students, clients, families, etc. Instead, introduce or link your knowledge to them as “I” is not important. What is important is you understand what I taught you and keep it with you.”


So here are the details of my first class:


Course: Basic Framework of Yin Feng Shui – Theory of Nothing

Time: From 10am to 1pm or longer depending. If many questions, then it may drag to the next day but please be mindful that I need to eat lunch, dinner and supper.


Location: To be advised.


Date: 17th or 18th or 19th July – you all choose and let me know and to be advised. I believe it is a long weekend. If you all choose 17 or 18, I can continue to rent a classroom in Parkmall. If 19th, I have to find other places cos there very loud and my voice very sweet and gentle and afraid you all can’t hear me clearly.


Fees: $250 per class


Certificate: If you want, it is chargeable at $1,888/=. I charge heavily on “Form”.


Let me know. If this course does not interest you, treat this as just another story.


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