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Dear all, many of you asked me when I am starting my feng shui weapons again… Here is the warm up……..  All proceeds here will be used to sponsor my iron man dream…. Here it goes… Total 3 items… Many more to come but not so soon… hehehe!!!


First, Rose Quartz Heart

IMG_5405 IMG_5406

This Heart symbolizes Health and Love and Relationship. You may put it in your relationship corner or in your bag so as to improve your relationship with others, health and also romance. And it is also highly recommended that you can give this Heart to your loved ones to empower your love and relationship with them.

Retailing at S$18 each….. If total purchase less than $30, there is a S$5 surcharge for transportation as I will deliver this Heart to you personally. Sales are for local only…



IMG_5402 IMG_5404

In Feng Shui, Pomegranate symbolizes Prosperity and Ambition and also Fertility. For Prosperity and Ambition, you can place this at your Wealth and Windfall corner for your career growth, business many many growth and all prosperous things grow. And also you can get what you want too!


For Fertility, got 2 places to put… One is on your Harvesting Corner and this symbolizes your premise having good fertility landscape and thus promising Harvest all year round. And if you want baby ah, this Pomegranate can put in one corner (I will find for you) in your room so as to easily conceive a baby.

Retailing at $38 each… Also Hand Deliver by me.


Purple Liu Li Water-Moon Guan Yin

IMG_5407 IMG_5411

This is one and only piece – rare piece. Let me hereby tell a short story (really story telling and not based on any Yin theories or whatsoever) based on history story.


At the end of the Song Dynasty, the Jin army invaded China and many innocent lives were r.i.p. then. A nun (Guan Yin transformed one) came to the river bank and sat on a rock. She recited the Buddhism Sutra and at times sprinkle water into empty spaces in four directions. She did this routine for 49 days and the villagers were curious as she did not move and eat anything.


At the end of the 49 days, she had cultivated good merits and virtues on the villagers’ behalf and advised the villagers to do so so that the village can be in harmony and everyone will live peacefully.


The nun then told the villagers to look at the sea and they saw there was a Bodhisattva in the sea and pond. Then the nun disappeared and became Guan Yin.


Thus in this short story, Guan Yin revealed herself in the water and in the shadow of the moon – Thus, in Chinese, we have this symbol of Water-Moon Guan Yin.


And in Feng Shui, Water-Moon Guan Yin (in purple) represents blessings of calmness, good merits and good health and also accumulates wealth without the sacrifice of health and most importantly, harmony and peace in your premise.


Not stating the retail price here. You may ask if you are interested (1) why I don’t state the price or (2) to buy. Only one piece. While stock lasts….


Commercial Break over…… Back to my stories, journals and Yin Fighter chapters soon….


If you are interested in the above items, please contact me and I will make arrangements to deliver them to you. Only in Singapore…..


Look forward to your support in this…. Sign off…


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