My White Belt

Many people, friends, strangers, etc. asked me this question:


“Hey! You practiced karate for more than 1.5 years, now you what colour belt ah?”


My answer is always the same old “White”


And many similar replies from them are Don’t bluff la; no la you at least orange or brown; etc.


I hereby explain my reasoning by first showing you my photos of my belt taken more than a year ago…


On my white belt there are 5 sets of symbols embroidered consisting mainly:


One set – My name “冯振昌”

One set – My Karate style “系东流”

One set – The date which I started my karate path; and

Two sets of the Disabled logo


These are the criteria I set for myself before I move on to the next belt colour.


I would like to hereby explain these criteria:


My name:


Unless I can fully understand myself, overcome myself, my fear, have a total control of myself…..


My Karate style:


Unless I can understand what is Karate…….


Two sets of the Diabled Logo:


1)   I was disabled physically some 7 years ago and I do have some walking disabilities – Unless I can overcome my body…..


2)   With the physical disabled, I was also being hurt up there in my mind – I suffered Retrograde Amnesia and Post Trauma Stress Disorder – Unless I can overcome my mind….


The Date:


This date is used for me to cross reference on how well or bad I am now (after Karate training) compared to that me when I first stepped into the dojo.

I am still learning.


Only with the clearance of these above 5 criteria, I will then proceed on with dealing with the colours of my belt. As at this moment, belt colour does not interest me.


Like what my Judo Sensei, Sensei Tan, wrote in my facebook: “Belt color only significantly recognized your amout of efforts put in. Most important elements are character building in one self. Respect others to earn their repect.”


One day, if I understand or find out the meaning in my Martial Arts Journey, I will share by writing stories in


As at the moment, I can only explain my criteria and my white belt. There’s many more to learn and understand the philosophies in Martial Arts. I many love!!!!!!



********************Signing off (Osu)*************************



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