Teaching of Yin Feng Shui

Dear all,


The long wait had finally arrived…. Well, soon.


And I have discharged and during my stay in the hospital, I had gone through the curriculum and found out that that is nothing to teach.


In view of this, I will start off the syllabus with the most basic topic on Nothing.


Unlike Yang Feng Shui, the teacher is able to show and tell topics of Yang Feng Shui in a systematic, hands on, narrow, focus, material, computerized, etc. manner. For Yin Feng Shui, there is no system, no way, no theories, etc. – Nothing at all!


But the biggest headache to me when I plan this teachings of Yin Feng Shui is there are many many many countless things to teach and discuss on the topic on Nothing.


Whether you have any prior knowledge of Feng Shui, it is redundant. Anyone can sit in the class and understand and gain more knowledge on Yin Feng Shui. And also understand the method of no method, theories of no theory, etc.


Prior requisite to enroll into the class is an open mind. For those who have prior (Yang) Feng Shui knowledge, put aside them and revisit them after understanding the Yin area and gain a better advantage than those who are still happy and contended with their Yang knowledge.


There are also no formalities like tea session, master and student, etc. Treat the class as a chit chat session as I will expect a lot of questions and also blurred faces. No worries – I was once like that before – Blur like Sotong.


Understanding the no theories of Yin Theory and Practicing Yin Feng Shui are two different things. Good news is that learning Yin Feng Shui, you do not need to adhere to the laws of a Yin practitioner (e.g. vegetarianism, etc.) and also you won’t get to see all those “invisible brothers”.


What will you expect after going through the course?


It’s like Yoga or Pilates – These 2 exercises mainly target and focus on those muscle groups that we seldom use. Thus, by strengthening those “seldom use” muscle group and together with our normal or strong core muscles, we can have a fit and good body posture.


Likewise over here in this course, we will discuss and understand those topics that we seldom would think on it or we just ignore them and once you have a good understanding on all these topics that we usually ignore coupled with your current level of intelligence, you will have a good and all round Wisdom and like a good body posture, you will have a good intelligence posture – With a good intelligence posture, you can be either a better person or a worse person depending on your character and how you are going to use your intelligence.


Remember that in life, we can only bring forward knowledge and wisdom when we bid farewell to this life.


There is always this saying in Chinese Culture that Master always teach 90% of his skills to his students as he afraid that his students will be better than himself. I do not believe in this culture.


I will pass down to my very best on what I know and also what I don’t know.


Every master has his own master. Like what my master also teaches me – do not refer or link myself to him; do not make use of his status to upmarket myself. A legend is not honored by making yourself better but instead a legend is honored by making someone better than himself.


I am from my Master’s school of thought. And I also appreciate we have no teacher student, master disciple kind of formalities. We learn from one another.


So will you receive a certificate after attending the class?


Well, I will like to ask this question – is knowledge more important or certificate more important? In my school of thought, certificate is just a tool merely to boost up the ego of the Master and the Student – Master feels great with issuing many certificates and Student feels higher standard by receiving another certificate. Ego booster. For Yin practice, the more ego you have, the closer is failure.


And if you really insist to have a certificate. Can but it will cost you a very big bomb.


This month is a school holiday and many of you are flying around for holidays.


If you are interested in this Yin classes, please do let me know and also let me have your preference in when to have classes – maybe on a weekend or weekday or daytime or nighttime, etc.


Classes will not be like those normal courses you go through outside. I will not program it in like one week 3 times. I may program it as maybe once every 2 weeks or one month – This gap is for you to first understand fully on a topic before we start off with another topic. Try not to miss a class if possible.


And I will not charge a huge sum upfront and payment is in each class session. So if you not happy with me, you can anytime sack me and I can only cry out loud.


I am a patient person and also always a patient in the hospital. So don’t rush. If you really cannot understand on anything, please sound out and I will explain and re-explain until you all can get it. No need to feel shy because I am more shy than you.


Get in touch on the Yin journey (knowledge) and explore in it. You will enjoy it because I am a funny guy. Well, I am not as lucky as you. My master hor, you know lah… Hahahaahahaha!!!!!!!! I will tell you more about him in class. Wakakakakakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let me know your preference of timing. And don’t worry too much. Although it is on Yin topics, the class will be conducted in a bright bright lighted class and you are able to see me clearly. Hehehehehe!!!!


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, doing up his syllabus, signing off.

***********sign off************

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