Your Name – 2 schools of thought

Today have another story because I am still hospitalized.


Lying on my hospital bed staring at the wall, my inspiration suddenly came into my mind. Well, this sentence is purely for fun and has no value at all (in other words, its merely bullshit).


Below is of some value:


Normally, I have requests to come out with names for new born babies.


So are names important in terms of feng shui?


Let me first explain to you the linkage and relationship of your life and name.


Take me for an example. If I was given a name like Stupid Idiot Fong, people will always call me Stupid Idiot all the time and thus it becomes a curse to me. And if I was given a name like Huat Huat Fong (“Huat” in hokkien means Prosperity), when people call my name, it is as if they are praising and blessing me.


Thus your name is either a curse or blessing to you. So what constitutes a curse or a blessing.


There are 2 school of thoughts in this area. Well, I will only explain these 2 school of thoughts here but I will not take sides – i.e. you will have take your own side.


Normally our lives are being classified or categorized into the 5 elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth).


Use me as an example again: Let’s say I am a Wood, Water and Earth element person. I have missing elements of Fire and Metal.


The First School of Thought


In life, we need to be all rounded. In other words, to live a COMPLETE and fulfilling prosperity life, one needs to be balanced all round – meaning to say they must have all 5 elements.


Thus, in this theory, the characters of my name must consist of Fire and Metal. Take for example, my name to be given to me should be 冯鑫炳 – got metal and fire.


The advantage of this name can be praise for me as it makes up my missing 2 elements so that my life is complete with all the 5 elements and I can do whatever I want in success.


Well, the risk of this theory is my inbuilt elements are wood, water and earth and my name that is an outsider or man-made element. In other words, I am introducing both fire and metal into my inbuilt (or nature) – thus, I may be disturbing nature. In other words, I introduce fire to burn my inbuilt water and metal to chop my inbuilt wood.


Hence, my name (in this case) becomes a curse to me – a curse to destroy my life.


The Second School of Thought


Well, with me as an example again. This school of thought will want to create names that are of the same elements as my inbuilt element. For example, this school of thought, my name would be 冯冰彬 – got water, wood and earth.


This school of thought will be based on focus rather than complete. Let’s say you are born to be better in Maths than Language. Would you rather focus on Maths and excel in your future, career, life, etc.; or you would rather struggle on Language and be a commoner in both Maths and Language (i.e., Jack of all trades and master of none).


For me, I would rather focus on Maths and build my life using what I am good at or build for since start in life.


Thus, in this theory, name is a praise when the elements in the name suits and favors and in line with your inbuilt element(s) in life. Well, the disadvantage of this is you can only specialized in some areas.


So these are the 2 school of thoughts for you.


Well, I used to be good in Maths when I was young. So I studied Accountancy and become an Accountant at a young age. And that’s why my command of English is so poor.


Hehe, with this, you may know which school of thought I am in. Hehehehe.


There is no right or wrong in these 2 schools – It is up to your own preference and do not argue between these 2 schools of thoughts.


And the good news is that I am going to sign off here and go to bed and tomorrow I can have my freedom back after I get discharged!!! Yeah!!! And the bad news is that I will try my best to update and write more stories.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing to go to bed after medication, signing off.

****************Sign off*****************


You can support by arranging an appointment with him to analyse your name and see how it affects you and how to go about it.


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