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Dear all, really long time never write a story. Sincere apologies. Am currently hospitalized again due to sudden onset of gastric pain that leads to my back pain. And with this pain, it gives me an inspiration to write this story.


Today’s story I will touch on tips on choosing a house to buy.


Many a times, I have been approached by many on how and what to look out for when choosing a house to buy – e.g. what direction to choose for the main door, what kind of layout to choose, etc.


The experience and feeling of buying a new house is very exciting and choosing a good feng shui house brings in many benefits. A good feng shui house brings good prosperity, happiness, every goodness terms in dictionary, etc. and those unlucky stars will not come in to the house. My current state of English writing really shows how long I did not write stories.


Of course, theoretically, you need to look out for any signs of “Sha Qi” (Killing Force) in, outside and around the house, a good strong front door, the toilet positioning, kitchen, room and living rooms position, etc.


In theory, yes. However, the reality is you may not be a feng shui expert to assess all these factors. Let me illustrate an analogy – I have stomach pain. I read up books to self assess myself whether the pain is caused by flu, cancer, stones, etc. I am convinced that all theories state that this kind of pain is caused by flu but in reality, it is caused by stones. I self treated my pain like treating flu and on the other hand, the stones in my gall bladder is slowly destroying my body. Hence, I need to find a medical expert to assess and then treat my pain.


Likewise, it may be not advisable to follow those feng shui tips (from books, internet, etc.) to self assess and choose a house to buy.


The best advice is to seek a professional Feng Shui expert to do the feng shui assessment and have him to give you advice (based on feng shui) whether the house is suitable for you and family.


Of course, practically, you will be seeing many houses before you shortlist to a few and consider to buy. Well, it will be impractical to bring a feng shui practitioner (unless he is very free like me hehehehehehe) to follow you to view all the houses.


Thus, this is normally my advice and practice.


If you are going to purchase a house, I will normally advice you as below:


Forget all the feng shui tips. Leave them to me. Go to view the houses with an open mind – advisable to be with your family (whom are going to stay together in the purchased house).

Have a feel in the house you view. If you feel uncomfortable when entering into the house, normally you can forget about the house. Uncomfortable feelings can be feelings of uneasiness, dizziniess, darkness, cramping feeling, children crying, feeling that the house does not look like a house, etc. Normally this kind of uncomfortable feelings can be due to many factors e.g. very loud and rude neighbours, house inside got ghosts, etc. With this feelings, please strike off the house from your shortlist.


Comfortable feelings (like you and family feel happy and happy and a sense of belonging and bright and sense of growth, etc.) are a strong indication that the house is suitable for you and family. Shortlist this house(s) as your choices.


Normally, very young children (4 years and below) are very good indication. If they enter into the house and very shy or cry, not a good house and if they are happy and running around, it normally may be a good house.


All these indications ONLY indicate that the house is suitable for you and family. It DOES NOT mean that the house is of a good feng shui quality.


Thus, after shortlisting the houses based on your and family’s feelings, next is arrange with your friendly me to go second viewing on the house.


The purpose of the second viewing is to double confirm that you have the same comfortable feeling(s) like in the first viewing and also for me to assess whether the house is suitable (can make you prosperous, happy, etc.) to you and family in terms of feng shui.


At times, good comfortable feelings does not equate to good feng shui and also good feng shui does not equate to comfortable feelings. Thus, it must be a combination on Comfortable feelings and good Feng Shui (based on my assessment) for you to consider whether to buy the house.


Do not buy or make decision solely based on my (feng shui) assessment.


And my practice is when you arrange for a second viewing, please do not tell your agent, the seller of the house and the seller agent that you are bringing a feng shui practitioner to assess. This is because once the feng shui fellow says good to buy, the seller and the agent(s) will usually “come out with patterns” such as increasing the selling price and say “if you want, this price and no negotiation; if you not agree to the price, not selling.”


Thus, because I am not so famous and not commercialized, few agents know my identity as feng shui fellow. So I will normally disguise myself as one of your family members and will take a little compass or even my phone (with the compass application) and walk around.


Well, after many years of practice, I have many many many family members. Hehehehehehehe!!!!


In conclusion, forget about feng shui tips when you want to look for houses; just leave the feng shui assessment to the feng shui practitioners. Go first viewings of the houses with an open mind.


Please stay tuned for more stories. Am currently still in terrible pain.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, taking the medications and going to sleep in the hospital, signing off.

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