Chapter Five: Approval of yourself

Let me start off this chapter by showing you photos.


Yes, I have fallen due to sudden weakness of my legs. My legs would always give way as they will at times become weak suddenly and I have no total control of them. It is a very scary feeling. Imagine looking at blood flowing out from your leg (injury) and you have no feeling over it and can only carry your leg with your hands as if you are carrying a piece of meat. You have no idea of what had happened to your leg, what injuries you had and whether the strength and feelings of your leg would ever come back again.


Blood just kept flowing out and I have to crawl to a safety corner and use my hands to push up my body and support myself (with the corner of the wall) back up on my feet. At times, I will fall again due to weakness.


Am I scared?


Yes! Of course!


But I have my own opinion – My legs will have their strength back again. With this opinion, confidence comes in. Next, I have to approve of myself and be brave – So I will try to move my legs to make another step. Be prepared and ready to fall again.


After each fall, I know where I stand.


A Yin Fighter thus must approve of himself, his stance, his opinion, etc. If he don’t even approve himself first, encouragement and praises and approvals from others do not ever suffice. In other words, God only help those who help themselves.


Once you are approved of yourself, do not surrender yourself to anyone else and even to fate.


Let me illustrate this point using myself as an example again.


As at this time while I am writing this chapter, I have decided to take up to join Ironman 70.3 (2km swim – 90km cycle – 21km run) event in Bintan and also intending to train and do a full Ironman (4km swim – 180km cycle – 42km run) in the near future.


Well, I have approved of myself to join this event and even gotten an approval from the event manager to join this event. Most of my friends will judge and tell me “You crazy ah? Forget it lah!”


Furthermore, circumstances will seem that this distance to be covered is quite impossible for me.


And you all know me lah. I care less about what everybody’s opinions on me and even the circumstances.


To be a brave Yin Fighter, one has to understand that he should (must) not surrender his power and hand it over to someone else who has different views, opinions, etc. from yourself. By surrendering to others, you lose your ability to have your own opinion and thus you submit to others’ opinions and have theirs to dictate your actions.


<Note: I will still listen to you all and take care of myself and not to overwork myself and train well for my Ironman. If I really cannot, I will surrender. So no worries ;P>


Again, if I had surrendered myself to Doctor’s opinions. I am not walking on my legs again.


A little exercise to do for yourself – Relax on your bed and do some self reflection – Recall the times you had made decisions based on what others’ opinions on yourself (over your own opinion) and you somehow had regretted the decision. This is only an exercise – Please do not do anything drastically to change the decision you made before. It’s just an exercise to let you understand this chapter in more depth using yourself as example(s).


If this exercise makes you feel sad, you can message me and make an appointment for coffee (Bill on you) and I can comfort you…. Hehehehehe!


Remember to let go of your concern (to an extent) of what others think you should do, etc. Approve yourself at all times.


I understand all your worries on me training aggressively for Ironman, MMA, etc. For this, I will definitely surrender myself to you all and so happy and blessed to have you all concerning me.


With this, my opinion in this Chapter is – Yes, one must have the approval of oneself and not surrendering to others. However, if others have their opinions, I would opinion that it will be good and efficient to take their opinions into consideration and to modify your opinion to suit the situation.


As at now, I trained very hard almost everyday and many of you were concerned and told me to rest. I took all your concerns into action and I did rest and thus now have time to write up this chapter as a result of “surrendering” myself to your opinions. Anyway, ccfong belongs to you all too!!!! Wakakakakakkaka!


Well, this is my opinion and please do not let my opinion affects your opinion. Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!


In conclusion, I would say that in theory, a Yin Fighter must approve of himself and not surrendering to others’ opinion; but practically, I would practice this theory with a bit of modification – to take in all your opinions and make adjustment because of simply one reason – I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!


So Mushy…….. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Well, I am not surrendering to this circumstances of “Mushy” and thus I approve of “I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!”.


Thanks for all your care and concern to me. Truly appreciate.


Well, I should have renamed my this Chapter as “A Love Letter to You All” instead of “Approval of Yourself”.


No no no no no no!!! I am a Yin Fighter and I neither submit nor surrender to circumstances……… Nooooooooooooooo…………………………………


Okay, end of chapter. If not, this chapter cannot end.


End of Chapter – With Approval



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