Chapter Four: Fear vs Freedom

Fear and Freedom are inversely related.


In other words, when there is fear, there is no freedom and vice versa.


Let me illustrate with me as an example. I was wheelchair bounded and all doctors’ opinions were I was unable to walk again. With these opinions by the experts, somehow my brain also accepted this as truth and thus, I would not want to learn to walk again because I FEAR of falling.


At this material point in time during my fear, I begin to imagine falling down breaking my arms, legs, back if I tried to walk or even stand up from my wheelchair.


As such, there is this equation: Fear leads to imagination that in turns feed my fear and make my fear stronger. I imagine when trying to walk again, I will fall in the middle of the road and a bus rolls over me; I will fall down and people around me will laugh at me; etc. All these imaginations strengthen my fear and as time goes by, I believe in my fear and thus, I lose the freedom of walking again.


Fear steals away your freedom.


Let me illustrate another example of myself again. When I was young, my parents, teachers, ancestors, practically everybody condemns my command of English and they would say my command of English cannot make it – that I cannot talk well, cannot write well, etc. So much so that my English teacher would call up my mother and complain that she did not understand what I was writing in my composition assignments.


This had brought fear in me and thus led me to imagine that my English really cannot make it and no one can understand any speech and writings that made by me. With this, I lost my freedom of speech and expressing myself.


However as at now, I am walking again and jumping around and furthermore you are reading what I am writing.


The point here I am focusing is that to be a Yin Fighter, one has to understand what is fear and how it works and to rise above fear.


Here is how you should understand and acknowledge fear and to rise above it.


Fear leads you to imagine all the negativities (that you think will hurt you) and amplify your odds (of failing) and then leads you to not to fight or move on and thus pulling you away from reality and thus losing freedom.


Acknowledge that you have fear – meaning to say that you are aware of your fear and differentiate between what is imagination and what is reality. After which, take action to face the fear and not to shy away from fear.

Yes, I fear falling and imagined falling and a bus rolling over me; I fear writing stories as I imagine people laugh at my English; I fear giving talks as I imagine people laughing at me. However, I acknowledged all these fears and imaginations and I took action. I tried getting up to walk and wrote stories in to financially support my walking and gave talks to further finance my recovery.


Reality is yes, I fell and it wasn’t as bad as what I imagined. I went for many surgeries to repair the broken bones that were caused by the falls; however reality was not as bad as what I had imagined due to fear. I wrote many stories in and gained many support from you all and also good comments from you all and whenever I paused, I received complains from many to continue writing. From writing, I went to giving talks on specific topics that I am expert in and many told me they loved the way I presented and talked.


Actually, reality is really different from imagination.


If you fear and imagine, you lose your freedom and you are jailed in your own imagination world and left very far from reality. Imagine that I lived in my fear and imagination, there is no and no talks in Parkmall and also I would still be in my wheelchairs.


In conclusion, in order to be a Yin Fighter, one has to first face and acknowledge fear and not to suffer from one’s imagination. Furthermore, after acknowledging fear, one has to TAKE ACTION to bring up your courage and fighting spirit to overcome the power of fear.


Remember: Fear DON’T hurt you. So don’t feel (psychologically) hurt by fear (and imagination).



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