Thanks all for your condolences

Hi all

This afternoon is my grandma’s funeral.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your condolences as I am unable to reply to your individual messages as I was tied up.

My grandma was a strong fighter. As much as I can remember of her, she told me that my grandpa sailed to China from Singapore to bring her over to Singapore and married her. With only one language she was fluent with (i.e. Cantonese), she was able to live a fruitful life here in Singapore.

In the last few months, she braved through and fought hard with the 4th stage lung cancer. Even at her very final moment, she was still fighting to survive and in her mind, she wanted full recovery.

At that material point in time, her senses only left with feeling and hearing. I could only do was to hold her hand, spoke loudly to her telling her that I knew she was in great pain and asking her to let go (i.e. not to fight anymore) and leave peacefully with no fear. Then she was agitated and moved her hand hard. I can understand how a fighter feels – the sense of giving up or letting go. I assured her and asked her to move on to another world where some of her loved ones (who had passed on) are still there. Death is a journey in life.

She then calmed down and of course her eyes were teary.

Rest in peace my grandma. I am happy to inherit your fighting spirit from you. Good journey ahead.

There is always this law that the living ones cannot communicate with the deceased ones. Pardon me if I have to ignore you and the other deceased ones. I am bounded by the laws.

I apologise not informing you all with regards to how many days is my grandma’s wake. Many of you have made plans to come to pay respect this evening but however we are setting off to Mandai crematorium in the late afternoon. With regards to your queries on how to pass the condolences amount, you can click the below “Condolences”.

Once again, thank you very much for your condolences.



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