Chapter One: Understand Yourself

Understanding yourself is the foundation to unleash your fighter instinct.

Who are you? You stand for what?

If you ever tried asking these 2 questions to yourself, I would quite confidently certain that your answer is either “I don’t know” or “I am I lor!” and I stand for…. What do you mean by I stand for what?

Well, let me first tackle by what is the meaning of “stand for”. Stand for means to represent or symbolize. stand for what? This is the Singlish way of asking… It should be “What does stand for?” stands for Chun Cheong Fong dot com? And if we expand the equation, it stands for a blog for Chun Cheong Fong to document down all his practical experiences and Yin theories in a funny manner for you all to read. At times, may stand for bedtime stories, a motivation blog, a blog full of his excuses for not uploading stories, etc.

Then who was and is Fong Chun Cheong (CCFONG)?

Just another lazy bum who gives excuses after excuses for everything.

When CCFONG understands and knows that he is just another lazy bum, he decided to make change to his life and would like to live a life sharing his experiences and theories to the world at large.

As such, he set up this and let stands for himself that also stands for Yin practice, experience, fighter, a person who never give up, etc. He not only writes stories in but he also proves to the world that his yin theories work by showing how he stood up walking again from being permanent disabled in the wheelchair.

If ccfong in the can make it, why not you? To overcome every obstacles, backfire, disability, etc. in life and MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.

Understanding yourself and then decide what you really stand for is the most basic foundation to unleash your fighter instinct.

Failure of which will lead to stay as per your current undistinguished comfortable situation. You are cautious as to not to make any big changes in life. Well, if I had chosen this, I would currently still be in my wheelchair.

Then you will leave a life with no sense of purpose and no direction. You will leave a life like what our DNA tells us to. From a child grow up give birth grow old see grandchildren and then bid farewell to the world.

If this is your comfortable zone and do not want to leave your current situation, you can stop reading here as what I am going to write does not interest you.

If you want to fight and find a purpose in your life, come on man!!!! Let’s read on!!! And I am happy to continue to write as this book stands for making you brave enough to fight and make changes and have a purpose in life and know what you really stand for!

You know… Life is not that long and beside treasuring our life and current precious moments, we may want to think do we want to leave a legacy of ourselves when we leave this world? Up to you.

For me, I will view Fong Chun Cheong as a Fighter who had challenged beyond limits and made the impossible possible and he writes this book that stands for “Unleashing your fighter instinct”. This is him and this is what he stands for.

You have your own unique purpose in life. Remember your life cannot be replaced by anyone or robots and neither you can retake or relive your life again. If you do not want to fight what you want in life, you will only live in regrets in the later stage in life. So, understand yourself, your purpose in life and what you really stand for in this universe.

I will continue to write further in the later chapters on how to unleash your fighter instinct and make changes to yourself and leave a legacy. Please do support below to show your interest in this story. Thank you!



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