Surgeons, Doctors, Medical Professionals all have diagnosed me to be permanent disabled waist down in Year 2008.

I was wheelchair bounded for 6 good years. Where are my legs? I really do not know as I was unable to feel them. As such, there are practically not there and I am unable to control them.

And one fine day, “Miracle” strikes in year 2014, I stood up and walk again.

(More than) Miracle, I am able to do explosive kicks and also flying kicks and skateboarding and recently I have successfully did roller blading.

The Medical Professionals classified my recovery as miracle.

HOWEVER, is that really miracle?


It is never a miracle. Sorry for the disappointment for those who wish for miracle healing.

I had broke many parts of my body just to regain my walking ability. My recovery path was full of sweat, tears and of course Blood. I went through five surgeries, many falls, lost count of hospitalization, depression, etc.

Don’t wish for miracle as miracle does not come with no effort put in.

Hard work is the necessity for miracle and in the Hard work, the most important ingredient is Bravery.

Under Yin theories, one has to be brave to take on all challenges and then fight on. It’s also known as “Just Whack Lah”.

As such, this book is titled “Unleash your fighter instinct – The Yin Way” and it focuses on the theory on how to unleash your bravery (in Yin theories) and overcome all challenges in life.

Everyone of us has unique difficulties and challenges in life. So what is disability? Disability is your mind telling you to give up, give in and give away. If I accepted doctors’ opinions that I cannot recover, I will give up training, give in to “reality” and give away my hope of recovery and thus I will be disabled in life.

So under Yin practice, one has to be a fighter to overcome all challenges and difficulties that disable your life, soul and mind.

This book shall address on how to unleash the fighter that is already in you.

Fight on.

Enjoy the book and be a brave fighter in your life.



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