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photoPicture taken by Robin Yap… is happy to have an exclusive self-interview with Fong Chun Cheong to get to know more of the insights of why is being created. Here goes the interview.

Hello Fong Chun Cheong!


Let’s go straight to the point: Why did you create and share your stories, encounters, etc. online in

Hmmm… Let me start off with the reason why I created you, err.. I mean The reason behind is to have a platform so that I can share all my knowledge, experiences, encounters, etc. to interested viewers. As you know, I had an accident about 5 years ago and had undergone a temporary amnesia. Luckily I managed to recover from this mental block. Imagine if this amnesia is permanent, all my knowledge will be gone. Unfortunately like in the case of Venn, she was in the similar practice as mine but she had already passed on due to an accident; and her experiences, knowledge, practices, etc. are just gone – All gone. It is a terrible waste. Sharing knowledge is an enjoyable thing as knowledge never die like anyone of us. In other words (touch wood), should any mishap happen to me (touch many many wood), my knowledge is still living. Furthermore, my dream long time ago as a student is to have my written composition to be pasted on the board for other pupils to read. However due to my poor command of English, my composition did not only didn’t get a place on the board, I always got this comment “SEE ME!!!!!” in red on my script. Every time I would get a good scolding by the English teacher and at times this evil teacher would call up my parents to complain about my English, then I suffered Round 2 of whammy. So now I am writing true stories of myself (like a composition) and post them up onto the board (online) so visitors like yourself can read them. My dream as a student had been fulfilled. At this very instance,. I hereby thank you all for reading. *smile. Most importantly, I hope that by sharing of my knowledge especially in the spiritual side, readers may get an idea on how this stuff works, behaves, etc. This may be useful when in need.

You talk about spiritual stuff. Will this offend any secret act as in the law of nature?

Well, in Yin Feng Shui practice, we have many guidelines to follow. What can be said and what cannot, I am very clear. Whatever I write and post them online, they are of general knowledge everybody should know. As spiritual stuff cannot be seen through naked eyes, I normally advise readers to treat the stories as fiction and not to believe in what I have shared until one fine day they experience it themselves. I will to my very best try to explain those spiritual stuff as scientifically as possible but sometimes if I am unable to, I sincerely hope that readers can read them with an open mind. And in any event if readers have any queries, please post them either on the story page itself or the “post a question” page. I will try my best to answer all of them. However, please allow me time to write.

Won’t you be afraid that by sharing your knowledge, other practitioners will come onboard onto Yin Feng Shui practice and post some kind of threat to you or your business?

Nope. First of all, there are very few of our kind in this market doing Yin stuff. If they come onboard, I will be most welcome to receive them. Secondly, Coming onboard is not an easy thing.

Last question, why did you create a merchandise online store in

Dear, I know you just born not long ago. You know this is a world of ‘things cannot go on without any funds’. Merchandise online store is a store in which readers or anyone can advertise / consign their products or services here and if any deal is done, we have a small commission so as to sustain you, Having said this, I urged readers for your support. If you want to advertise or sell your products here, please contact Not expensive one…. will suit your budget.

Thank you Fong Chun Cheong!

Thanks too!

Please stay tuned for more interviews on Fong Chun Cheong by And I will continue to write more on spiritual matters and also how yin feng shui can be used in residential and commercial premise.

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As at for now, this is, nope, is Fong Chun Cheong, nope…. Hey! Don’t confuse readers and myself… So As at now, this is and Fong Chun Cheong, signing off…. Not funny la

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