My Next Talk on Death

Dear all


My Next Talk will be on the 26th April 2015 from 10am to 1pm at Parkmall Shopping Center.


The Talk will be on the topic Death.


Outline on what is going to be covered:


What is Death?

Moments Before Death – How it is?

During the process of Death – How it is?

After Death – Where and How?

Go Where – Based on Karma

Karma vs the “Feeling” (or emotional status) during the death – What’s the difference and which one is more crucial?

Yin Feng Shui

And many more…

Then Q&A – I am prepared to be flooded with lots of questions.


Price: $88 per person.


However, for this topic on Death, Karma is very important.


As such, I am organizing the same talk on Karma (that was held on 1st January) for those who have missed the talk.


The Karma talk will be conducted in Chinese.


For those who missed the 1st January talk, the price will be the same at $128 and for those who want to revisit and listen to the talk again, the price will be at $38.


I understand the Karma topic was quite in depth and “chim”. As such, I would urge that you can revisit the talk again and get a better understanding on the theory and practicality of Karma.


Please do message or email me your interest in the above 2 talks and if you are interested in the Karma talk, please do let me know if weekends or weekday evenings is ok for you.


I look forward to receiving your messages and emails.


Another interesting stuff that is coming soon…..


Today, if you have my FaceBook, you would have noticed that my legs had improved and I tried rollerblading successfully.


And I receive many phone calls asking how I did it and what is my ingredients for my (miracle) recovery. I told them that it is a long story and I will need to write a book on it.


However, as you all know, whenever I promise to write a book, that book will not exist or will not come ture.


As such, I will open another section like “stories” and “journals”


The new section will be known as “Yin Fighter” and in this section: The Topic of the book will be “Unleash your fighter instinct – The Yin Way”.


I will write a Chapter and then upload it in for you all to read. Hopefully, it can inspire you all too so that you can face any challenges in life.


Okay! I don’t talk so much first. I will write the foreword section of the book now.


Please remember to message or call or email me regarding the two talks.


As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, going to prepare the new section, signing off.

***********Sign off*************


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