This story is dedicated to a very closed friend of mine who seen me from an abled body to being disabled and now being still okok abled body. Both of us nearly went into depression but luckily we didn’t and as such I am now well enough to write on this topic “Depression”.


Depression is a feeling of negativity. I am confident that everyone of us has somehow been through different stages of depression.


Here, I would like to use my Yin theories and concepts to challenge and further understand “Depression”.


As such, no reliance basis is advised from this article. It does not form a general view of Yin practitioners. It is based solely on my opinion and experience. However, this is an important area that must be aware for those who want to attend my course (that I am still working on it).


From my stories so far, I have been emphasizing on Yin practitioners practicing Conscious, Subconscious, etc. minds and the importance of them.


Yin practitioners’ unique focus and training is mainly on the mind instead of divination methods to calculate or forecast charts accurately. We are not interested in whether we are accurate or clever or whatsoever high ego you can name in our feng shui practices. Charts and methods are there. Anyone can read and forecast by merely teaching them the ways of interpretation(s). Mind building or character building is more vital for the Yin practitioners.


What tempts Yin practitioners is something new or enlightening. For example, why such things happen this manner; why methods are like that; can we don’t follow such methods; etc.


This article shall focus on depression. For Yin practitioners’ practice, I still have my life time to write about it and I guess I may not be able to write everything.


First, I would tackle this depression by classifying depression as in the conscious or subconscious mind (Yin practice concept).


In my humble opinion, I would say more in subconscious mind.


I once thought that depression will not strike me as I have a strong mind and furthermore I am a Yin practitioner. Ha ha!


A very simple example of Depression. You and I confirm have one.


Your subconscious mind tells your conscious mind that You Are Hungry!!!!!


Remember depression is a feeling of negativity. Hence having this “pain” of hunger is depressing and you need to find sources of food in order to get out of this simple feeling of depression.


Hunger strikes our subconscious mind every now and then and it is “beyond what our conscious mind can control”.


Look at me, I eat already and still feels hungry. As such, I become fat and still I am still hungry. Thus I am in this state of depression – hungry.


By the way, can I stop talking about hungry here? Because I haven’t eaten my dinner and write this story. Very hungry ah…….


With this example of a simple depression, can depression strike any one of us?


Well, of course hungry is just a simple example. There are many depression and symptoms – all of which can be found in various sources and as such I can give excuse not to write about those common symptoms. Of course, the worst symptom is ending one’s life. Immediate professional help is required.


In my experience, a very depressing moment is those who had suffered the effects of black magic. Although they might have recovered, they still have this feeling of depression as they would think that nobody understand what they had been through as there is no hard evidence of black magic.


Don’t worry. I understand. I understand the pain you are going through or had gone through and there is no outlet for you to talk or confide to as no one believe in you. It’s ok. It’s normal. I am happy if you are happy and also if we can throw away our happy pills back to our doctors’ face.


Depression occurs without us knowing. It is a silent killer to the Mind and thus Yin practitioners must stay alert at all times. With reference to my previous story on “Yin practitioners to abide by all rules and customs”, we talk about self-punishment.


Yes it builds our character.


And there is this danger in this self-punishment – Depression.


Practice safe, Practice Vigilant and Practice Well – must be bear in mind by Yin practitioners.


Depression is a state of low mood that can affect one’s behavior, practice, feelings, well-being, etc. All negative feelings such as sad, anxious, worthless, ashamed, etc. will flood into your mind and your conscious mind will be polluted by this cloud of feeling.


Thus for Yin practitioners and also everyone too, if depression hits you, appreciate the fact that you are undergoing depression. It is ok. Never feel ashamed that you are in depression. After accepting the fact that you have depression, work it out e.g. read stories and journals, talk to someone or even with me, exercise but not overstrain like myself, etc.


As at here, I did underwent depression last few days as mine was caused by the side effects of Morphine. I was given Morphine 15mg 3 times daily for 6 days. And when I stopped the injection, severe withdrawal symptoms set in. And one of them is depression.


I was lost, traumised, confused, directionless, don’t know how to upload stories, etc. Furthermore, I was in physical pain. And stupidly, I thought my anti-depressant medicine, Amitriptyline, was not given to me (i.e. I thought I did not have medicine). It took me mental and conscious state of mind to overcome this depression and the withdrawal symptoms. Now that I have recovered, I discovered that I actually have possession of the anti-depressant medicine.


Well, at least I am able to say that I made it but of course with many supports from yourselves, many blessings and my Angel. I did not take any medications (anti-depressant) in my withdrawal symptoms.


Thus, I can understand more on the pain and depression one goes through when they are “being hit” by spiritual reasons and any reasons. It is not easy.


I admit that at times, I was quite harsh on clients. I sincere apologise. Now I understand.


This story is specially dedicated to one closed friend who is currently undergoing recovery from spiritual “attacks”. Well, things are under control and you have to tolerate the side effects of those attacks. It takes time for full recovery and I promised I be there waiting together with you for your full recovery. :)


I have picked myself up from fall and you too also can! I have confidence in you ;) And hope you like this story.


Please stay tuned for more stories.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, feeling hungry again, signing off.

*********************Sign off***********************



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