Thank you My Angel

There are often times a Yin practitioner is down and needed help. Well, Yin practitioner is also human and subject to the same ups and downs of luck and emotions.


I had received such great assistance and help from this Angel in my this recovery (1) emotionally from Phil and Tiff; and (2) physically from my nerve pain, numbness and weakness in this period of March 2015.


As such, I would like to write this journal specially just to thank her.


Here goes my story:


I was in great pain physically and emotionally then. Well, nerve pain is not a joke. It kills. The pain was so much to the extent that I would end my life then just to stop the pain.


Physical pain coupled with emotional distress is the best combination one can “enjoy”.


I just lied on the hospital bed and my mind just went blank and allowed all the memories of Tiff, Venn and Phil to cloud my mind. Then negative thoughts flowed in. Depression begins to set in.


Out of sudden, you came into my room.


I was in the midst of breaking down and I held your hand. A simple touch of your hand and everything is right.


I did not recall what I told you then but your gentle look and smile consoled me. The next moment I could recall is you pat on my shoulder and told me everything is ok. Next, you administer the injections and asked if there are any pains from injections.


No pain; and my recovery starts from then. Recovery from physical and emotion downfall.


The countless ways you have consoled and encouraged me is more than I can say.


After I discharged from hospital, the side effects of the drugs led me to feel lost and insecure. However, you still assisted me in building me up again with patience and make me sure that everything will turn out right.


I would wonder what I’d be if I had gone into depression then – probably I am now a lost and lonely soul in this world.


And now I thank you my Angel, thank you very much.

I am almost hitting full recovery. And I would like to get back to the reality without those 3 jokers around – 2 passed on and one status unknown.


With reference to the last story I wrote today “Yin practitioner to abide by all rules and customs”, whatever don’t breaks me down makes me stronger.


This recent emotional and physical pain that I had been through did not break me down.


A very BIG thank you to you once again!


And I will take your advice on “Take it slowly”.


You are still the best!


This journal is specially written for you. I still need you :)


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, restarting all his nonsense again, signing off….

****************Sign off*******************


Monday – 6th April 2015, I am back in FULL action again! See you all again!!!


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