Yin practitioner to abide by all rules and customs?

Happy Ching Ming Festival everybody! Wishing everybody good health and a good recovery and healing for those who are currently sick i.e. myself :)


I received a question yesterday and the question states “Must a Yin practitioner abide by all laws and customs that are imposed on him?”


I sat back with a smile initially.


And then I think to myself – Did I follow strictly to each and individual rules or laws that are imposed on Yin practitioners? What are these rules and customs? Are they laws?


A good question indeed.


I would just answer a Yes if I am still under the influence of the drugs that were administered into my body – However, I would challenge this question.


Hence, whether today’s article is a story or journal – I also don’t know. Will classify it under story though it is more towards journal. However, please STRICTLY do not base any reliance on this article that I am writing as it is based on my subjective personal point of view and not on a general basis of Yin practitioners’ views.


In my view, I would like to first address this question by differentiating what is law, rules and customs.


In brief context (my own words), a law is a system of rules set by a higher authority to govern and regulate our actions and is enforceable by the imposition of penalties.


A rule is a set of understanding procedures or regulations governing our conduct within an area of activity.


A custom is a traditional accepted way of doing and conducting something that is specific to a particular event.


Well, there are strict procedures for a Yin practitioner to follow (such as e.g. vegetarian, stay in darkness, non-commericalise, etc.) – I would deem all these to be laws for Yin practitioners. In other words, in order to (for an example) become a full fledged Yin practitioner, one needs to be a vegetarian. The explanation behind this vegetarian is being spelt out as in we do not take advantage of our superiority (of life) over other lives. Hence, these deemed laws or strict procedures are to be followed and abided by strictly by all Yin practitioners. Failure to comply leads to penalties subjected to Karma forces.


In contrast, if the procedure is a rule and not a law, no need to worry so much lah! For example, if you fail a mission and under the rule, you should penalize yourself in any form that you deem fit. This part is very flexible for us the Yin practitioners. And it is the MOST important too!


Why is it important?


It builds up a character of a Yin practitioner.


Conventionally, one would think of  a Yin practitioner to be a strict and no joke guy who is always on the ball and stand up confidently.


This is due to this concept or rule of “Self punishment”.


It is always very difficult and close to impossible to punish yourself for certain reasons. However, there is this theory in Yin practice – The harsher you treat yourself, the tougher you will be. And this builds up your character.


Let me give you an example. Remember Phil? She failed and how did she punish herself? Although I do not agree and condemn what she had done, but I still respect her decision. This is known as self punishment and we have no basis to judge her, her actions and her punishment.


That also explains why I kept on pushing myself to walk and move on in life after I got disabled from the Road Traffic Accident.


I kept it simple. To me, Self Punishment = Self Motivation = Building Character


And I have negative interest in getting my services or Yin practices commercialized too.


I do hope that this story / journal also serves as a foundation for readers who are interested in my Yin practice course that I am currently working on :)


Come with an open mind and learning something new daily is a blessing indeed too and I love learning.


As for the customs part, needless to explain much. Monkey sees Monkey do and I am a human also being originated from apes. Our focus for customs (in Yin context) is to understand and appreciate why and how custom is being done in that particular manner for that specific event.


Back to the question: “Yin practitioner to abide by all rules and customs?”


ALL I say is I am very STRICT in my practice. Well, I can also be seen as being not. Wakakakakakakakaka!!!!


My next Talk on topic “Death” will be most likely confirmed on the 26th April 2015. And why this date?


I escaped death on 26th April 2008 when the Bus hit me.


See you all there!!!!!!


Have a good weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


Please stay tuned for more stories because my side effects of the drugs are getting lesser!!!!!!!!!!


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, enjoying my weekend, signing off……

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