Yin practitioners’ views on Ching Ming Festival

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My sincere apologies for being unable or lagged to upload and share more stories at this junction temporarily due to my nerve pain and also what had happened to my fellow Yin practitioners.


Nonetheless, I would like to upload a short and brief story for this weekend for your reading pleasure.


As you all would have know, tomorrow 5th April 2015 is the start of a Ching Ming Festival and I should be holding a talk on “death”. Again, due to my physical body being weak due to severe nerve pain, I am unable to hold the talk tomorrow and postpone to 26th April 2015 on a Sunday Morning. More details will be updated in due course.


As for today’s story, I will touch a little on Ching Ming and what Yin practitioners view this festival as it is.


Ching Ming Jie 清明节 (“Pure Brightness Festival”) is also known as Tomb Sweeping Day. It falls on either on the 4th or 5th April in every year.


Well, the orgins of this festival can be read from other sources so I will not repeat them over here in ccfong.com. I would only highlight briefly on the Yin aspects on this festival.


Let me bring you all back to the story on Li Chun that I have written a couple of months ago. I would like to quote from that story: “Li Chun always fall either on the 3rd or 4th February every year. This day is very important to farmers in ancient times as it marks the beginning of Spring. They would celebrate Li Chun with ceremonies and pray for a Huat and prosperous year where there is full of harvest.”


Hence with this 2 festivals of Li Chun and Ching Ming, there is a gap of 2 months and in this 2 months, there is already plenty of stuff we have harvested. And we need to 饮水思源 (“remember our orgins of harvest”) and as such this festival, under the Yin practitioners’ view, is a festival where we remember and give thanks to our ancestors who had formed, farmed, grew, natured, etc. this land so that we still have plenty to harvest from.


Imagine that if our ancestors were once greedy and they farmed everything and did not take care of this earth at their time, we would have lesser to harvest and also would be living in limited and lower quality supplies or harvest.


In other words, the ancestors did save and passed down a good terrain (or “land form” or “earth”) for us to continue to harvest and survive in our lifetime. There is a saying in Chinese that the ancestors grow trees, the descendants enjoy breeze and shades.

Yin practitioners do treat this festival with great respect. As we received our practices and teachings from our respective masters in unique manner and of course if you imagine in the line of passing down, it just takes a joker to manipulate the practice the Yin way and the quality of the Yin teachings would be greatly compromised.


In brief conclusion, what we are enjoying and harvesting now is very linked to what our ancestors had saved and done for us. Apologies that I could not go into this in detail as I am still under the influence of morphine and steroids drugs for my nerve pain and will revisit this topic again after I get over with the side effects of these drugs.


So this Ching Ming Festival, Yin practitioners would encourage others to celebrate this festival by visiting to their ancestors’ grave, tomb, urns, etc. to do tomb sweeping or “house keeping”. This is to give thanks to them and in remembrance of their hard work that somehow affected our quality of life.


And also take a good time out tomorrow to have a good meal with your loved ones and family too.


If you are visiting tombs for Ching Ming festival, remember to make your offering seriously as this is a give thanking ceremony. As this is more Yin practice, try to wear less fire colours e.g. red. The timing to do the offerings daily is before 3pm. If you are pregnant, please excuse yourself :) .


Have a great weekend everyone and apologies for being unable to go in depth in this story due to influence of drugs. I owe you all an in depth explanation okay?


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