Update on my condition and my next talk this Month

Hello Everybody!


First, I would like to apologise for my absence in this period due to myself being hospitalized for a severe back pain. I collapsed on last Friday evening and was brought to Mount Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.


I am currently under the influence of Steroids and Morphine injections and am in a “high” state of mind and hallucinations did happen due to these drugs. As such, I would also need to postpone my this coming talk on “death” to further dates, maybe 2 more Sundays (say 19th or 26th April 2015) from now. Please do continue to message me on your availability.


As for the death topic, I will address on what death is under Yin Feng shui theoires and practices. And the feeling on how death is. Of course, those who had left us couldn’t come back to share with us on how Death is really like and where do they go. However, there are some people and practitioners can see them and interview them on how it was like during the process.


Then next question is where then do the deceased go on and how do they interact or get used to the “new world” or “dimension” they are in? And what Ching Ming represents? Do we pray and can they receive our prayers?


And at which point in time, Karma affects us? And Karma vs the feeling (emotions) in the point of death – Which one is more important? And how do they affect us?


And what is the best advice for anyone who is going through death?


All these and many more will be addressed in the talk.


As I am currently under influences of drugs, I am unable to think straight and “proper” and as such, I am unable to write the skeleton of my talk here in this story.


However, if you have any interesting questions with regards to death, please do send to me so I can be able to compile them in the talk too.


My sincere apologies once again.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, continue to receive treatments for his back pain and also hoping to receive your blessings in his recovery, signing off.

********************Sign off***********************

Please let me know your availability. Thanks!


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