My Next Talk Topic and my talk to Tiffany

Practitioners are humans afterall. They are neither beings without emotions nor robots. Yin practitioners always sound so easy and confident when they handle other people cases or troubles. But what happens if catastrophic disaster events occur to them.

They, too, fumble. And they fumble far more worse than non practitioners.

This story is dedicated to Tiffany, my only sole survivor comrade. I know you will read this story and these are things I want to highlight to you.

This story is a continuation of the previous story “Emotions –Yin Perspective”.

Tiffany, you have seen P.T.’s body with her eyes opened, kneeling down with her hands on her stomach with blood all over the floor. It was traumatizing to you and I can understand.

Our last communication was that you want to cut ties with me. I fully understand. You are far more higher skilled and stronger than myself but I am still able to read you.

You are self blaming and had entered into self denial mode and are suffering from Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD). Yes, both Venn and Phil had passed on and you “deemed” to have the responsibility to take care of them while all of you are in your country of working.

As you had been keeping quiet this few days, there is no means for me to know if you are ok, dead or alive. If you had chosen death, I am lonely and sad but still respect your decision. However, if you are still alive and are reading this story, I hope you can move on in life and take it easy although it is very difficult.

To be honest, I am and still have been very affected and devastated by these incidents. But what had happened had already happened. Just keep them in memories. Probably these are karmas.

You had been asking why I have not been improving in my skills, yin stuff, Asura stuff, etc. I will be frank to you now in this “open arena” and declare this in public. In your shadow and in a Yin manner, I studied Buddhism behind your back. Venn knew about it too.

Detachment is the key to unlock all your current miseries and pain. Holding onto these pains and keep blaming yourself why you did not stop these incidents from happening will not bring you to anyway, It only brings you more pain, anger and hatred. And yes, you will turn into a powerful Asura.

So what my dear? So what you are number one and cannot be defeated?

The fact that these incidents had happened and how it affected you – This already had defeated you.

Open up your hands and let all hatred, pain, sadness, etc. just go. Let them go.

Like what late Venn had told me why not open my heart and try love. I disagreed her then and wanted to be number one Asura and wanted to be better than you. Stupid.

Recently, I had tried opening up to love. It’s an amazing world and can finally understand what Venn had been telling me.

If you want to find out what Venn had been exploring all along and why Phil chose her path to kill herself, you have to open up. With your current attachment and hatred level, you will not understand.

You are damn pathetic!!!!!

My message to Tiffany ends here. Of course, I will get myself prepared if she wants to whack me. But at her condition now, I doubt so. She can’t even think straight now.

Nonetheless, I wish Tiffany well as she is my only sister and comrade left.

She cuts ties with me or she hates me or she wants to beat me up is her problem.

My problem now is that I had promised to give my next talk to you all and the promised date is tomorrow 22nd March. Hehe. I broke my promise….. This is my problem now.

Sincere apologies to all of you as I was being “distracted” and devastated from this incident. However, I am more or less better as I talked my situation out to my loved ones and also to my Karate Sensei. He taught me to practice Zanshin 残心 – a state of awareness (relaxed alertness) in Karate to remain calm and to smoothen the pain that is piercing in my heart.

Now that my comrade Phil had killed herself and Ching Ming is coming, my next topic will be on Death – The Yin Concept and will cover everything under this death topic. And it will tentatively fall on the Sunday, 5th April 2015. Please message, email, call, meet, whatsapp, etc. me to let me know your interest in attending and with this confirmation, I will proceed on to do my planning, reservation of classroom, etc.

In the talk, I will also address on the rationale behind Phil’s way of ending her life and is there any difference.

Will be interesting.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, still feeling pathetic for Tiffany and awaiting your confirmation regarding the talk, signing off.

And you can support below for his “medical” expenses in the event Tiffany strikes back……

********************Sign off**********************



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