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Dear all, Happy Lunar New Year and also 元宵节快乐 to you!

Apologies for my late upload due to all the excuses I always used.

And also many of you would already noted that I had asked for a period of Missing in Action and absence in my facebook. And below is the reason:

This story is dedicated to my favorite sister nurse, Ruth (who asked me why); for comfort and encouragement of Tiffany; and in memory of P.T. (a yin fellow) and lastly this story is being encouraged from this young beautiful girl below:

photo-216My 小神棍

You may treat this story as fictional by all means and here it goes:

On the 5th day of Lunar New Year, I started my work (开工) and I went into war with Tiffany as a form of training to strengthen ourselves psychologically, mentally (aren’t they the same?), skills, etc.

During our training, we received news that one Yin practitioner (very closed to Tiffany) passed on intentionally. We were all taken aback. Of course, Tiffany was very upset and I took leave just to accompany her.

Mismanagement of personal emotion was the reason for P.T. to commit this painful act.

In Yin context, we do love and we have our version of love.

Normally, love can be selfish as in if you love someone or something, you expect that someone or something to love you back. In Yin practice, we are being taught to give love with no expectation of reciprocal from the other party(ies).

In plain meaning, I love you but it is not necessary for you to love me back and I do not expect any returns from you in any manner. And being Yin practitioners, we walk in your shadow and ensure that you are well and ready to take off, we will disappear and all these are done without you knowing it.

As such, we do receive mission(s) from client(s) to perform the objectives set by clients. For examples, objective can be to sabotage someone, destroy others (all these just mentioned – I don’t take up these missions), to help others, to change others’ mind concept and way of life, etc. At times, we set our own mission.

We normally have this mission – To disguise and camouflage ourselves and be closed to a person, changes his perception in life and then get out from him without him knowing that we are carrying out a mission.

Let’s use Tiffany as an example. I have a son who was very self centered and did not know how to show his emotions towards others (e.g. girls) and thus I was worried about his future of being alone.

I engaged Tiffany to help me to change my son’s “way of life”. What Tiffany will do is she will disguise her yin self and camouflage as another girl and tries to go near to my son. Of course, Tiffany must have the ability to understand my son’s behavior and the ways of getting close to him (This is the requirements to be a Yin practitioner).

When Tiffany gets closed to my son, she will date with him and during their date, she will change my son’s perception in life. Once she is satisfied that she has already changed my son’s perception, she will then come out with a pattern that my son hates and then my son will “dump” her thinking that it is him who calls off the relationship and not Tiffany so as not to affect my son’s ego. And as my son has underwent a relationship and thus, he will look for a new girlfriend and he knows how to handle relationship as being taught or guided by Tiffany.

Well, Martin Thoo – I know you will want me to engage Tiffany for a mission to enter into your life right?

FAT HOPE!!!!!!!!!! However, if the price is right…………………..

Jokes aside, there is always this occupational risk in this kind of mission.

Yin practitioners are also human and we do have personal emotions. When performing such mission, we must not have any self-emotions or attachments with common sense reasoning(s). If really emotion does arise, we have to remember our theory of love i.e. Love with no expectations of reciprocal.

Accidents do happen and it strikes P.T.

Mismanagement of emotions is dangerous.

However, I do respect P.T.’s decision of her own fate.

So Tiffany, I be there for you till you are more stable and once you are ready, we shall fight again. I know it is painful because I am also feeling the same pain in my heart. The same guilty feeling…

And thank you to my beautiful 小神棍 for your time to cheer me up in this 元宵节 and encourage me to write this story.

And now I jia lat…. I owe Martin Thoo a meal cos I asked him for permission to make fun of him in return of a meal…. Meal only ah… Not Tiffany ah!!! <Please support ccfong.com below so I can buy him a meal>

R.I.P. my dear comrade P.T. and as for Tiffany, I’ll be there for you during this difficult period.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, observing a moment of silence, signing off…

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