Li Chun 立春 and Valentine’s Day

Happy Li Chun Everybody!!!

This year is special as Li Chun and Valentine’s Day come before Chinese New Year.

For today, have you deposit $$$ into your bank? For your information, I had!!! Wakakakakakakaka!!!!!! I will use Yin theories to explain this symbolical meaning of banking in money into your bank.

Li Chun always fall either on the 3rd or 4th February every year. This day is very important to Farmers in ancient times as it marks the beginning of Spring. They would celebrate Li Chun with ceremonies and pray for a Huat and prosperous year where there is full of harvest.

During the day of Li Chun, if the day is clear (sky), it means prosperous year where there is always harvesting and not much a problem. If it rains in Li Chun, they have to start to worry about their crops in the new year.

Alamak!!! Today in Singapore got rain ah….. Luckily it is only a pass by rain so no big a worry.

And then why we have to go and deposit money into the bank? <Wah, I super Singlish here> hehehehe…

Here it goes:

Most of us are living in the cities and we aren’t farmers. As such, the things or crops we harvest are monies or considerations in monetary form. In order to celebrate Li Chun, we deposit money into the banks as form of symbolically representing that we have a good year ahead as in we have better business (for businessmen and commission based employees, etc.) and stable jobs, promotion, fat bonus, etc. (for salaried employees, etc.)

Furthermore, if we deposit our money into the bank, the bank thus have more money to further expand their activities and in return help build up the economy and thus we can have better returns or harvest in general.

And ten to eleven days after Li Chun comes Valentine’s Day on the 14th February.

This Valentine’s Day is not my forte as I am being trained in my profession or training that I have to give love in general and not specific (i.e. to anyone specifically). In other words, I have no options or chances or opportunities to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my that special someone. That is in theory only lah!!! Wakakakakakakakakakakaka!!!! In other words after the first in other words, I still can celebrate with my that special someone SECRETLY…. Wakakakakakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIN = DARK = SECRET!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! This is known as the mischief interpretation of the Yin traditions… La la la la la!!! I very like!!!!

Jokes aside, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, we have to remind ourselves that we have to give love; well, to many, love to the partner.

I am writing this story also to save and salvage a family friend’s marriage. Of course, I hope they read this story.

Marriage or rather love is a choice that you had chosen in the past.

When clients asked me if he or she should file for divorce, our first principle in Yin practice is not to encourage divorce. However, if the Yin practitioner has the professional reason(s) to opinion that divorce is a better option, he can advise so. I am not going to disclose what are those professional reasons as I always love you all to treasure the love that you all once had chosen.

PLEASE do note that “there is no longer Love in us” is NEVER a reason or excuse for a divorce or leave a relationship.

Here is always the trend of a love cycle (in Yin perspective – Nothing is permanent).

In the beginning of love, there is always full of love, happiness, etc. that a couple experiences and when love goes to the peak where they want to live happily together till death separate them, they chose to get married.

When things reach the peak, there are always these 2 options – 1 is to remain at the peak and 2 is to fall from the peak.

Thus, it is normal for a couple to feel that there is no longer any love between them. A couple needs to always maintain the love relationship and if not, temptations set in.

As this is not my forte, I am not going to elaborate on this private love (i.e. love between couple).

Instead, I rather focus on Love for General or to the world at large.

As written above, this year the Li Chun and Valentine’s Day come before the Chinese New Year, I will want to celebrate share both harvesting & prosperity and love with you all!

And here comes my advertising……..

You see ah… I have no chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day as written above and this year I want to celebrate with you together with Li Chun.

And I have come out with my Feng Shui weapons design and 摆阵 (feng shui layout) to suit your needs and wants for the year.

Let me show you examples.


This one is to have a prosperous year with good health (i.e. not sacrificing health for wealth) and always be victory and there are always plenty to eat….


This one represents that you are able to make good decision(s), handle risks well; and command respect and authority all the time and always above the 5 elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth).

And many more…..


photo-215This is my mini factory ;)

You can just let me know what you want e.g. career, health, wealth, romance, fullness, wisdom, etc. and I will design and make one for you as a form of love. Hahaha!

Alternatively, you can request that I made for you that I deem fit for you for this year :)

Each Feng Shui design as above costs SGD$88 and no one is identical to each other and is a form of love from ccfong. It will be empowered by ccfong too :) I will hand deliver to you .

Contact me if you want to have this Love from me. Hehehehe!!!

For fans outside Singapore, I am still thinking how to send over and as such, please hold on for a while.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, wishing you all Happy Li Chun, signing off…

*****************Sign off*******************

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