Redefining your understanding on Feng Shui – Introduction

Chinese New Year is around the corner :)

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After about 10 years of discussion (since 2005) with friends who practiced Yang Feng Shui and also with Tiffany, I have decided to “teach” Yin Feng Shui as a form of giving and also to pass down the knowledge to you all so that you all can view this world from another point of view – The Yin Way.

As such, I will be planning the syllabus for the subject Yin Feng Shui.

And it will definitely will not be like those elementary, intermediate and mastery courses whereby after finishing these courses, you can be a Yin Feng Shui Master and can go around practice Yin Feng Shui.

This syllabus is only catered for people and practitioners who are interested in increasing their knowledge, looking at Feng Shui in a different point of view, sharpening their current Feng Shui skills, etc. Most importantly, please come with an open mind and of course we can discuss areas on the Yin (My forte) and Yang (Your forte). It will be a harmony and shall not be a challenge – meaning to say understand something new is better than resisting to understand something new by whacking it using your current understanding.

Yin and Yang can never be challenge. Let me tempt you (and also an introduction of redefining your views) with this theory as below:


If you focus on Yang practice and think you can understand how this Cosmo, astrology, etc. work, I really do not know how you can do it without understanding the Yin practice and theories.

Yang = Light = Sun

Have you ever wondered what if the fuel in the sun runs out?

Yang will be gone. In other words, you and me also gone. We humans are considered as Yang..

When Yang is gone, this universe is in total darkness.

Can it be vice versa? In other words, can Yin be gone and the universe will be in total brightness?

Let’s compare – Darkness and Brightness – Which one can be destroyed or diminished?

Yes, there is sun and light and energy comes from there. Can the light destroy the dark energy (darkness)? When nighttime sets in, darkness is still there and it had not destroyed the dark energy.

In another point of view, can darkness dissolve light energy? No. If can dissolve, light will not reach us from the sun and we will be in total darkness. Thus, dark energy and light energy neither hit nor challenge each other. Hence, if you want to learn more about Yin theories and practice, come with an open mind and put aside your Yang knowledge.

The above is a nice way to put across this theory.

Below here is another way to put across this theory.

Let me show you:

Imagine you open your palm and put an orange ping pong ball in the middle of your palm.

Imagine the Ping Pong Ball as our earth or milky way where sun can shine and the rest of your palm and fingers as the universe. Universe is extreme darkness and darkness holds or accommodates light as darkness do not dissolve light.

Thus by understanding and studying Yang theories, you are in the ping pong ball  understanding what is inside and try to look at the Yin on the outside or neighbour or inside where the sun did not shine on that particular part.

As such, I will submit that by studying and understanding Yin theories, you are standing at outside the ping pong ball, you can understand what is Yin and when you look at Yang theories, it is like a bird eye view.

In other words, studying Yang is equivalent to standing in a middle and look at things around you from the middle whereas studying Yin is equivalent to standing from outside around the outer (not in a fixed position) having a bird eye view of everything.

Because there is light and there is a limit we can see, there is form. In Darkness, we cannot see anything and it is known as formless. Yes or No? Let me write the syllabus and discuss with you all further in class (if you are interested).

And to use a form (writing) to describe and teach formless (Yin theories and darkness) is quite a challenge I must say. Will try my best! :)

If you want to look at things and theories from the outer layer and then to sharpen your Yang skills and understand Yin theories, please come and join me in the class after I finish the syllabus.

If you think I talking rubbish and treat this as fiction, please stay put in your comfort zone and focus on Yang practice because warmness is still the most comfortable place. Carry on with your techniques like purple star astrology, QMDJ, etc. whereby you look at things from staying in the center instead of roaming around the orbit around you (far or near) and look at the center.

With the Yin and Yang knowledge, you will understand more theories like emptiness, detachment, form and formless, etc. and can kiss goodbye to ego, pride, certificates of mastery, etc.

By the way, I will not issue any certificates of attendance, accomplishment, achievements, etc. like other schools do. I do not insult intelligence and wisdom by using a piece of paper (to measure them) that will become rubbish or ash if one passes on. Intelligence and wisdom are formless and can be brought forward to your future live(s) as they are stored in your subconscious mind.

Formless and Form. :)

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, “planning to plan” the syllabus structure and also continues to write about Karma, signing off….

***********************Sign off**************************

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