How Yin practitioners learn?

Finally, my kidney stone is being blasted into sand and now awaiting my body to flush it out through my urine. Am still in pain and lying on the hospital bed. By the way, this story is written under the influence of drugs.

So you can treat this story as fictional as it is written under the influence of drugs. Hehehe. My head is spinning.

On a serious note, after my accident in 2008, I had been in and out of hospital like nobody’s business. If this carries on, it is hurting and burden to my health and this also will affect my lifespan too according to medical diagnosis. Of course, I will practice Karate to fight back my fitness.

I am very grateful and blessed to have you all beside me giving me support.

I am using the excuse of “under influence of drugs” to write this story on how Yin practitioners learn – one of the way.

We learn things as per normal as anyone does but there is one more “Yin” method that is different.

Based on my previous story (before this story) on Forecast and Predictions, there is another method normally Tibetan practitioners practice. They predict where they will reborn to and continue their practice again. Likewise for Yin practitioners, we can do this too but we do not disclose this information because of “Yin” practice.

What can we bring along with when we pass on? Knowledge and experiences we acquired during this lifetime can be brought forward to after life and this data is being stored in our subconscious mind.

Thus, let’s say we reincarnate back to human body again (let’s give example of ourselves in this life). Our mind is somehow like being reset and we cannot remember what we did in our previous lives (unless we are practitioners). However, some of us are good in language, some in science, some in maths, some in mechanics, etc. and all these are because of what is being stored in our subconscious mind.

Take me for example. I might have been a practitioner before this life. When I first look at the luo pan, I somehow inherently know how to use it and when I touch your bone, I somehow can read you life, etc. But if I look at Chemistry textbook, I still get puzzled and do not understand what it is writing about despite how hard I try to understand.

Thus, we learn things through refreshing our memories e.g. reading some Yin practitioner’s book, watching some movies, etc. to spike our subconscious mind so that we can remember what I had learnt in previous lives and continue my practices.

And the other reason why I write stories in (beside the one that I wrote due to Venn) is also to keep my kind of practice “alive” and documented and passed down so that Venn (if she is being reincarnated back here) can accidentally read this blog and can refresh her memories. Or if a century later if I reincarnated back here, and I accidentally come across this blog, I can also refresh my memories and learn from the past (i.e. now) and continue my practice.

And also, if you are a Yin practitioner and reading this, you can also learn from my experience or it somehow trigger your memories in subconscious mind.

Okay, my head is spinning now due to influence of drugs.. If you cannot understand what I am writing in this story, please pardon me.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, saying goodnight from Mount Elizabeth Hospital Ward 3A room 4318, signing off.


***********************Sign off*************************



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