Forecast and Predictions – The Purpose

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I have made arrangements to blast my kidney stone on Wednesday early morning. As such tomorrow Tuesday (13 January 2015), I have to get myself admitted into the hospital.

Kidney Stone or Infection or Disease is a terrible feeling and it is not a joke to have these. I feel tired and fatigue easily and always in pain. Fever and numbness sets in at times. Hopefully, the surgeon for me can deal this with the kidney treatment. This kidney infection and stones will be very common for me due to my accident some 7 years ago that paralysed me. This is due to nerve damage and besides my legs being weak, my bladder and bowel functions are also being affected and thus urine may backflow into my kidney and urinary tract infection, kidney stones, kidney infection, etc. are very common. Not a nice feeling.

Then people asked me whether do I forecast or predict my own illness, accident, fate, etc. Probably some of you might have the urge to ask me this same question. So, I will talk about the purpose of forecast and predictions here in today’s story.

Well, this story is based on Yin theories and principles and if there are any offences to readers who are Yang practitioners, I sincerely apologise. However, if you all wish to not get offended, please do not read any further as I forecast and predict that this will be offensive.

There are many practitioners and masters out there like to make predictions in the beginning of the year. For example, a practitioner in early 2014 predicted that a red plane crashes in somewhere in mid December and then really around that time, this plane crashed. And then, this practitioner put his video of predictions in facebook, newspaper, social media, etc. just to tell the whole world that he had made a superb accurate prediction and thus he is a successful practitioner.

I am not sure what other Yang practitioners think of this act. For Yin practitioners, this act is a form of a Disgrace to the practitioner.

Let me illustrate an example. I now predict that you will fall into the drain on the 31 January 2015. And really on that day, you fall into the drain.

What does this show? I am very accurate? I am a God? I am the best feng shui master?

If we now put ourselves in my shoe (the practitioner who makes this forecase), we will be hoping and praying that my prediction comes true and of course curse the victim as much as possible to fall down into the drain.

Then now if we put ourselves in the victim’s shoe (the one who fell down), how would we feel? And this joker practitioner makes a name out of my downfall and feels happy that I fell down.

Now you can see where I am coming from?

For those who had tried to be ya ya papaya making super accurate predictions like airplanes disasters, natural disasters, etc. that happened, please do think of the pain that victims went through and also the victims’ family members.

Isn’t it disgraceful to make a name out for yourself at the expense of others’ suffering?

This is the principle of Yin practitioners.

Thus in our principles, we are expected to make as close possible as we can predict of someone, some place, the universe, etc. But what is the purpose of making these predictions.

Yes, we make predictions now and then but we won’t disclose them as we want to make changes as we believe in Nothing is fixed 100%.

If the predictions for that someone are good, we will choose to not try to intervene and let it be. At most, we will encourage him / her to continue on what he / she is currently doing.

If the predictions for that someone are bad (in our opinion), we will not tell or say out these predictions. We will as best possible as we can try to advise him / her to do things or not to do things so that this prediction will not come true. Let’s say example if we predict that this plane will get into some air disaster, we will try our best to maybe drop some hints to the airliner to service the plane, don’t fly the plane and as best possible as we can to avoid this prediction from coming true. Of course, we have limitations in this reality.

And this also may have answered whether I predicted my sickness, etc. What I can say is I am trying hard to overcome all these obstacles ahead of me and I am always happy and be there to write more stories for you all!!!!!!! Wakakakakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope that you all have understood the Yin practitioners’ perceptive of the purpose of forecasting and predictions.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, still in deep deep pain and still writes stories despite the pain, signing off…

Please wish the best for my upcoming kidney treatment. I need your blessings.

And also this explains the purpose of the next talk on the 25th January 2015 as being narrated in the previous story. See you all there!!!

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Support by wishing him success in the treatment and speedy recovery.


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