Forecast of your Luck for the Year of Sheep

Dear all,

Happy New Year 2015 and this is my first upload in

Excuse remain the same but this time I m going to have nightmare.

Since Christmas eve, I was having pain on my right abdominal and back located at kidney. Did my Karma talk on the 1st January 2015 with pain too but it was okay.

Last Friday on 9th January, I went to consult my usual Urologist for the reason of pain. Ultrasound on the right kidney showed 2 stones with the larger one measuring 1cm diameter. I will be seeing the doctor again tomorrow for review as X-ray was taken. Most likely I will need to undergo treatment again in the hospital for a couple of days.

As such, I have time to continue writing a book on the topic Karma (that I had talked on 1st January). Because the topic on Karma is very complicated, I accepted the request of many to pen the topic down and also to further elaborate the topic. This is still under progressing.

Furthermore, I am thinking of organizing a talk on Forecast of Your Luck for the Year of Sheep. The reason behind is because this year the Lap Chun (立春) is before the Chinese New Year – an omen of bad / poor harvest and thus the talk will be on individual’s luck based on……….

The 5 Elements.

I will not be talking individual’s luck based on the 12 Zodiac Animals based on 3 reasons.

1)   Yin practitioners do not take Zodiac Animals into the form of practice.

2)   If I begin to talk on one particular Zodiac, only one twelfth (1/12) will be listening and the rest will be dreaming away…. Hehehe!

3)   You can find easily information or forecast on the 12 Zodiacs easily outside.

What I intend to do is I will rent probably the same place again at Parkmall and time will be from 10am to 1pm and date tentatively on 25th January 2015. And if you are interested, please do come early maybe 9.30am for me to touch you and I will “read” your elements for the year 2015 and will rank them accordingly for you in paper. (Please note that the elements for the year 2015 will not be same as your elements inherently when you are born). These elements change yearly.

Let’s take me for example. Inherently, I am Wood and Water element. But for the year 2015, I may be (ranking in order from most to least) Wood, Earth, Water, Fire and then Metal and you may be Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and then Earth.

Then I will explain in the talk what this year of Sheep represents and how each individual element should take note or do or prevent, etc. Hence, you won’t fall asleep when I talk about the individual elements. Let’s say for example when I talk about Wood and Wood happens to be your “heaviest element” for the year, you can take note and follow what is good for Wood; and if Wood happens to be “your weakest element”, you can take note and DON’T follow what is good for wood; and if Wood happens to be your “in the middle element”, you can take note and May want to follow what is good for wood.

All the above are based on Yin Feng Shui practices and what you can achieve from this coming talk is to understand how and where you stand for the year of Sheep and understand your character and know what to do and what to prevent for the year of Sheep.

Every individual has different weightage of the 5 elements and thus individuals will interpret this talk differently too. If you cannot understand, you can either throw rotten eggs at me (so far none had done so) or simply come forward and ask me for clarification.

For those who are interested, please contact me to reserve the seats. In the event, I am lying flat in the hospital, please feel free to come and visit me too. Wakakakakakaka!!!!!!!! I will be preparing my slides on this coming forecast of your luck.

There are two types of tickets available:

1)   This ticket costs $50 – inclusive of touching your bone and documenting down your weightage of elements for the Year of Sheep and then you can sit in the room and watch me talk and catch my mistakes.

2)   This ticket costs $60 – same as (1) as above AND it also includes a $30 cash voucher to purchase Feng Shui Weapons (shown below) to tackle for the Year of Sheep. I would address them as Year of Sheep Survival Kit. Hehehehehehe…..

20150111_160702 Samples of weapons (to be explained its uses and functions on the talk)

I look forward to your reservation(s) with me and the type of ticket.

I am now currently writing on the book on the topic Karma and also resting my pain. Tomorrow am going to consult my doctors again.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, holding tight onto my right abdominal in pain, signing off……

**************************Sign off*******************************

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