The Usual Stuff Deceased would like to tell the livings

Hi all! Today’s story came to my mind when I was performing a Yin procedure (the 341 under Venn’s Love) on last Tuesday at Choa Chu Kang Columbarium.


And before this story is written, I had posted this status in my facebook and here it goes:


Reflecting on my work done yesterday in the cemetery… If one day I can communicate with Venn, What would I tell here???

Hmmm…. Here it goes:

“I miss you deeply.. Ya U r right! Tiff is really an a***ole! But I get used to her liao. No worries n pls move on over at your side (dimension) and also please work harder so in future when I migrate to your side, I no need work so hard n can enjoy! With many many loves.”


This inspires me to write on today’s story as to what usually the deceased want to tell the living.


Well, you can just imagine (with your hands touching wood) if one day you bid farewell to this dimension, what you will tell the livings?


Please take care of my children?

Please take good care of yourself?

Remember don’t get bullied by that guy!!!!

Please continue to read


No No No! Not all these…


The very very first thing the deceased will want to tell you is why you can’t see me and can’t listen to me. This is the most devastating and painful fact and feelings a deceased will have.


In Yin practice, this is termed as the break of all communication between the living and the deceased.


Let me elaborate…


See ah! Use me as an example.. Let’s say my beloved Venn had passed on.. (Universal Law had barred me from communicating with her due to professional reasons). Yes, I miss her and wanted to tell her many many many things, etc. Here, at this instance, I can’t see her and I am already feel sad and bad….


Well, let’s now put ourselves in the deceased’s shoes ie. let us be Venn. Now we (Venn) look at ccfong and see him so sad over the deceased of “us”. We will always want to tell him don’t worry and don’t be sad but we are unable to because ccfong can’t see us. And day by day, we see ccfong becoming more sad and hurt himself, blame himself, etc., our mood will also be affected by him.


So you can now compare who more sad – the living one (who cannot see the deceased) or the deceased one (who can see the living but cannot talk to them)?


Thus, theoretically, the deceased will tell the living (first thing in their mind) not to worry or be sad but the fact is that they can’t say it to the living and this causes the basic Pain to the deceased.


This theory is only a basic base where the deceased will like to tell the living.


There are a lot of complicated stuff on top of this, e.g. please help me take back the stuff I lent to person A, etc.


And these stuff is known as attachment. Attachment here means that the deceased would like to carry on his / her duties as if he / she has not been passed on. And this causes more pain to the basic pain.


Under Yin Feng Shui practice, we normally encourage the livings to tell the deceased to move on and they are able to take care for themselves without them (the deceased); and we encourage the deceased to move on and just let the livings continue leading their life and do not hold any attachments to the livings. Furthermore, there will be a change of configuration too. You all may or will meet again one day be it in any dimension and maybe in different configuration – e.g. now Venn and I are friends, maybe she becomes my twin sister in the future or she becomes my daughter (most likely won’t), she becomes my wife, etc.


So no need to look back at the past. For both the livings and the deceased, be happy that both of you had been together in the same dimension and you all may meet again in the future.


But meeting again in the future is it due to karma, fate or “owing”?


This one ah…. It will be answered in my next talk on the 1st January 2015. Remember to reserve your seat. Well, running out of spaces liao…..


And it’s ok if you can’t understand this story cos this story is written to slap myself wake up and to move on and not attached to the past ie. Venn. To be honest, the passing on of Venn and not being to communicate with her makes me understand the feeling of losing a loved one in this dimension.


However, I have overcome this sad feeling.


I think we have these words to tell each other. Keep moving in our practitioner’s path – Never look back.


And thanks to her, I will still continue to write stories on our practices. Her wish when she was in this dimension…


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing to prepare to prepare to write a book about himself from age 0 in this dimension, signing off……

***********************Sign off**************************



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