My 2nd Talk – Karma based on Yin Perspective

Hi all!


Good news is that I have decided to conduct’s talk on his 33rd birthday on 1st January 2015. Although ccfong is 33, he will be celebrating 21st birthday or maybe should term it at anniversary ba… Why 21? Cos in his heart, he is always 21… No la! Cos he started his yin practice at age 12 and now he is turning to 33 so 21st!!!! Yahooo!!!!!!!!!! Time really flies…


And the topic I will be touching on this round is Karma.


To be very honest, this topic Karma is very broad and also very tedious and complicating…… And it is very very similar to a Chicken and Egg theory.


I have spent years to understand its theory and had debated a lot with late Venn and also tried to experience Karma and whether is it a form of energy. And in conclusion, is Karma a form of energy? Well, this will be touched on on that day of talk.


As always in’s storytelling, I will try to simplify this topic on Karma and also in more in depth. In the event if it gets confusing, please do throw questions to me in the Q&A and in the event if I do not address the question with quality, please do throw rotten eggs to me too. But please keep in mind that that day is my birthday hor…. Hehehehehehe!!!


Just a gist of it – let me briefly outline what I intend to talk on that day. If not enough, you can command me to add in more into the talk…


Here it goes…


As a warm up, I will first address on the doctrine of Karma – what, why, when, where, who and how. This one quite straight forward.


And then nightmares and complications set in – What is Fate vs Karma, Owing vs Karma, Right or Wrong, Can Karma be transferred, etc…. These are very very in depth and I will simplify them for us to understand more on these areas….


Let me put a simple example to illustrate my assertion. Now that I know you and we become friends. Me knowing you and becoming friends – is it caused by karma, fate or “owing”??? <This question took me years of practice to apprehend>


And lastly, is Karma a form of energy?


And all these will be explained in Yin practitioners’ theories and thus they are not of any religious basis. And you can treat it as fictional by all means but however I may advise against it. Wakakakakakakakaka!!!!


Understanding these theories is very essential as one of the rationales of knowing and understanding these theories is not to commit (further, same, similar, anymore, furthermore, etc.) mistakes in life.


Furthermore, I think I am a hero.. haha! Why? Cos this is a very tedious and complicated topic and I took up the challenge to present it by giving a talk on it. The Best Part is that this topic is also a very very hyper sensitive topic. If in the event, I wrongly explained this topic (even in a minute manner), Karma (Bad) will strike me.


As such, the entrance fees will be higher than my first talk – I will set it at $128 being $100 for the talk [this $100 can be used to offset if you want to engage me to read your yearly luck (normally priced at $188) – so you need to just pay me $88 if you want me to touch your bone and talk about your year luck]; and $28 as my birthday blessing…  And of course, birthday presents are also welcome!!!! I very GREEDY hor? No need la……… But remember its my birthday again. Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!


The venue of the talk will be updated again and most likely it will be at the same place as my first talk.


Timing is also the same from 10am to 1pm.


I look forward to seeing you all again. Please do message me if you are interested. While stocks last Seats are limited…


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing to prepare my powerpoint presentation slides, signing off…….

*******************Sign off***********************


Support by going to his talk…. Hehehehehehehe hahahahahaha!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!


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