Story for my upcoming Self Defence Workshop on 22 November 2014

First of all, I would like to thank many of you who attended my first virgin talk.


It all went on well and there are many good questions raised up during the talk and many of them can be converted into stories :)


For the talk, I will write about it on the Journal in the next few days.


Now let me bring up another upcoming event…. A Self Defence Workshop on this coming Saturday 22 November 2014.


This workshop is a special and meaningful one as my karate Sensei will be guiding me on how to teach self defence to anyone or a class. I am still learning. As this is the case, the charges for this upcoming event is optional – i.e. I will put a box in the Dojo and you can pay any amount you e.g. 10 cents, 10 dollars, 100 dollars, etc and even rotten eggs too.


The workshop will be held at the same place as the previous one that is at 94 McNair Road Singapore 328561 and timing is from 6pm to 7.30pm.


The theme of this upcoming workshop is on Blocking – Ways of Blocking.


For the first 45 min (kids can join in too), I will be guiding or teaching the ways of blocking – To block against FIST attacks and then counter it and hit the attacker back.


For the next 45 min (optional for kids), I will be guiding on how to react or defend yourself against weapons i.e. KNIFE, REVOLVER, STICK, etc.


Always remember that learning self defence does not equate to being a ultimate fighter. It is such that during any situation(s) that need you to protect yourself, you can remain calm and defend yourself – i.e. to increase your chances of survival and not being injured.


And in my self defence discipline, I normally like to use as little force as possible to throw a person away, break his limbs, etc. And I do not believe in exchanging blows as I personally am at a disadvantage stance due to my disability (though it is recovering) and self defence techniques are good so that we can overcome our attacker and escape from him.


Self Defence does not only focus on physical aspect but also on the mental aspect too. For example, you also have the mental ability to defend yourself in any (office) politics.


Furthermore Self Defence is very similar to Yin Feng Shui practices. So please do come and enjoy the workshop ;) And then I can relate Yin Feng Shui to Self Defence ;)

Hope to see you in the workshop!!!!!


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing to do some stretching, signing off…

************************Sign off**************************


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