To Karma (Law of Universe) with love

Hi all, apologies for the delay in uploading of stories and journals again due to my health issues with regards to my lungs. I am now feeling better.

Again, this is a journal and not a story and is based on my personal opinions and perspective and feelings and whatsoever etc…. hehehe! Hence it is not based on any Yin theories.

Recently, there have been news circulating regarding a salesperson and his sales technique. For the benefit of the overseas readers of, I will briefly describe what had happened.

Here is the brief details (if I get it right): A sales person sold item(s) to a customer at a lower than market rate and then let the customer sign a document. Unknowingly to the customer, the document contained fine prints (terms in the document) stating a compulsory warranty period that the customer has to purchase. As such, the customer has paid a lower than market price for the item but he needs to fork out another huge amount for the warranty. If he does not pay, then the money he had paid for the item is being forfeited and furthermore he cannot take the item too i.e. the customer paid the lower than market rate amount for getting nothing.

The salesman relied on the document the customer signed and either earned the forfeited amount without selling any item(s) or sold the item(s) at a ridiculous higher than market rate and earned a huge profit. It seems a legal and bon fide sales arrangement and because of the signed document, the authorities cannot do much of assistance to the customer who is now the “victim”.

My opinion and then a “story” out from this case…

Well, if we based on the literal statutory interpretation (plain meaning rule) approach to this case, the sales person is not in anyway wrong in doing this as he truly has the signed document(s) as a form of backing up.

However, if we use the Golden Rule of interpretation or Purposive approach, my argument is that he is using the document as a vehicle to “smoothen” the sales tactic and get what he wants. My reference to a UK case on Re Sigsworth (1935) where a son murdered his mother so he can inherit the inheritance from the Mother under the Administration of Justice Act 1925. There was no ambiguity in the law but the court was not prepared to let the son (ie. the murderer) to benefit from his crime. Hence, with reference to the above case, my opinion is that even though there is no ambiguity in law (of the salesman’s tactic), the salesman cannot benefit from this sales tactics of course provided that it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that the intention of this sales tactics is to cheat or of any criminal intent.

Well, my journal is not about the above case or event(s). With reference to the above, I am discussing here on the black magician(s) and their way to by-pass the karmic effect of being a black magician.

The arguments of a black magician: Yes, they know they are black magician(s) and they are doing harmful stuff to victims but they claim or argue that they are merely a vehicle or something like a car.

Let me illustrate… If a driver drives a car and purposely knock down somebody, who is at fault for causing hurt to the victim? The driver or the car? Obviously, it is the car driver.

Hence, black magicians’ argument is that they have the skills of causing hurt to victims but if not for their pay masters (or customers), they would not have used their “power” for causing hurt to others. And hence should karma hits back, it will not aim at the black magicians but it will aim at the pay masters. Hence and thus, black magicians will get minimum or even no karmic effect on causing hurt to others.

Furthermore, their arguments are that it is not against any law to learn black magic and they learn it out of interest or hobby and use it when they are being instructed to. They are just like a vehicle. So only minimum karmic effect will be hit on them.

There is nothing I or we can do as this is the case. I just write this journal as a form of documenting this area. Each and every time I go and attend to the victims of black magic, it is not nice to see their sufferings be it emotionally, physically, mentally, etc.

And the feeling of this “not nice” is similar when you all read the events of the salesman and the customer.

I am writing this journal in my dojo as I cannot train physically due to my lungs infection and I miss my dojo too… Hehehehehe!!!!!! Well, who knows what I will do after writing this story. Wakakakakakaakaka!!!!!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, considering whether should I educate more on the topic Yin Feng Shui, signing off…

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